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Elegant MicroWeb – Provides Software Product and Application Development Solution for Small and Medium Size Businesses

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ReImagine Business Intelligence with ElegantJ BI

Business Intelligence

ReImagine Business Intelligence with ElegantJ BI

Product Development & Support

Yes, it’s different than Application Development!

Product development, maintenance, and support services

Product development, maintenance, and support are unique services that we provide, leveraging our strengths to make your product development effective and with better ROI.

Efficient product development requires a different culture of coding and being able to visualize a product. As a product and services company, we build products that we sell to end-users, implement, and provide service. This journey started with a codeless developer tool for designing JAVA front end for databases back in 1997. Since then, we have been developing outstanding products for our customers and ourselves.

We have also worked with some amazing product migration and transformations. We have given new life to software products with revitalized user interface, usability improvement, and migrated the product to a new level of technical and functional architecture.

We are not just team of programmers. Our team can visualize the technology landscape, envisage technological developments, explore the competitive marketplace, and put all this insight together for an effective solution and a winning product roadmap.

Our offering for product development is complete, from absorbing the concept, designing the architecture, writing impeccable code and testing the product to implementation and support. We also provide all documentation and manuals to make everything available under one roof.

Your product can be developed, maintained, and evolved with complete security of your intellectual rights.

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Your Ideas and Custom Projects

Discover, experiment, test, explore, put to life

Make it unacceptable to not take your idea to the next stage. We put life into your ideas … quickly and effectively



Putting your idea into action by making a workable prototype. Ready to show potential but not finished… a cost-effective way to explore what works and determine the next step.

Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost

If you have a budget, know what you want, and would like to explore how your idea or project can be completed, we offer a path by choice of technology, harnessing ready frameworks and more to reach your goal at a fixed cost.

It is FIXED; you will get what you have visualized.

Time & Material

Time & Material

When requirements are fuzzy or evolving or you need dissimilar and unique skills as your requirements change and evolve, you need an effective solution, You can dip into our reservoir of talent to develop these solutions and products.

E-Commerce & Content Management Systems

Nothing is like everything in Software

CMS and ecommerce portals development

CMS and eCommerce portals. We do it better. We invite you to check out our portfolio or just imagine what you want, and we will do it for you.

We can create your internet and intranet portals and websites using responsive and adaptive design using latest frameworks that provides a dazzling experience on tablets and mobile devices.

We can conduct technical feasibility and suggest you most appropriate CMS or eCommerce framework based on your target audience, target devices, content type, content size, workflow, concurrent usage, security, compliances and integration requirements.

From a simple web application disseminating information to a booking or an eCommerce or full-scale collaboration application, we are ready to meet and even exceed your requirements.

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Software Application Re-Engineering Services

Re-Enginner! Ace the Competition, and Stay Relevant!

Re-engineer your software applications to High performance, data-centric and device agnostic solutions

When an enterprise considers the relevance and competitiveness of its software products, applications, portals and sites, it is important to consider concepts like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), responsive web design (RWD), adaptive web design (AWD), ‘mobile first’ and ‘content first’ – but they are not the only considerations in today’s business world. Building a high performance, data-centric, device agnostic solutions is just one of the factors a business must consider to remain competitive, and keep their software applications relevant for today’s technology and user needs.

An enterprise might undertake a Software Application and Product Re-Engineering initiative for many reasons, but typically, this type of initiative is driven by critical business issues, and requirements.

As a software application development, maintenance and support expert, we provide re-engineering services for software products, software applications, content management systems and portals, and – all designed to support our clients as their business grows and changes. Our services provide all the expertise and innovation you need to compete in your market of choice.

We have more than a decade of software product development and software re-engineering experience. We have developed our own products, as well as client products for market. Our services are designed to ensure rapid Return on Investment (ROI) and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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User Experience Design Services

Experience the Difference!

User Experience Design Services for software products, applications and sites

Every software product, business application or website is designed for a different industry or function, and for a different market, product or service need. No matter the purpose of the solution, a software product, business application, portal or site must be suitable for use on desktops, laptops, tablets, or smart phones, or end-users will not adopt the solution and your business will experience loss of revenue and market share.

User experience improvement, aka Ux Improvement, is one of the most important disciplines in the software development world. One only has to consider the success of Apple and its dedicated focus on the user experience to understand the difference a great Ux design and improved user experience can make to a product, company, and to its investors, and user community, and how profoundly these initiatives can change an industry paradigm.

An elegant, well-conceived user interface will result in swifter, more committed user adoption of a software product or site, and will result in better ROI, TCO. Both the software vendor and enterprise IT teams will enjoy improved results without a significant investment in training, implementation or IT support.

Our services are designed to satisfy the needs of software product vendors as well as businesses that provide enterprise applications or sites for end users. Our clients enjoy a competitive advantage in their markets with user experience driven success and user satisfaction. We focus on product adoption, ROI, TCO and user satisfaction results.

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Ongoing Software Services

Offshore Development Center and Offshore Outsourcing Services

Offshore Development Center


IT Staff Augmentation and Offshore Outsourcing Services

Staff Augmentation

Skills … without strings

Application Development Services for Every Business, Function and Industry

Application Development, Maintenance, Support

Reliability & Availability, Round the Clock

Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Quality Assurance and Testing

Final scrubbing … putting the shine on the software

Application Security and Standards Compliance Services

Web and Application Security & Standards Compliance

Securing your applications, Managing your risks

Comprehensive Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile Applications

Mobile, Steady, Applied

Cost-Effective, Worry-Free Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services

Remote Infrastructure Management

Remotely touching your heart

Internet Marketing Services for Every Client and Every Budget

Internet Marketing

Art of subtle, nonintrusive high visibility

Application development, maintenance and support (ADMS)

Support and Maintenance

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