Outsourcing? A) I’d Rather Have a Root Canal or B) Hey, I’d Love to Share the Load

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Outsourcing wasn't always fun! In the old days, technology outsourcing involved merciless torture, unresponsive consultants and a mess created by geeks who were clueless about your business. Well, you can finally put down your sword! You no longer have to fight off outsourcing providers to protect the castle! Today outsourcing offers value for every business. You focus on the things that make you the market sweetheart (core competencies) and we handle the pesky tech tasks you don't do well (we all have them). Outsourcing services let you optimize results with staff augmentation and skilled resources, and the good news is that the team can be embedded with your team or removed from the day-to-day.
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The Tale of Cynthia’s Dilapidated IT Infrastructure

My friend Cynthia cannot wrap her head around technology infrastructure. She knows that IT infrastructure is the foundation of all organizations. How does she know? Because the IT department tells her so! Beyond that, she doesn't have a clue. Her IT staff and IT consultants told her that without an effective infrastructure her team can't develop or exchange information, nor can it protect its competitive and proprietary data or build knowledge repositories to grow revenue and succeed in its market of choice. Cynthia was scared out of her wits by these predictions of doom! She wanted to do something constructive about that old, creaky IT infrastructure. She hired a team of IT consultants with the skills and knowledge to remotely maintain and support her infrastructure.
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Dare to Dream the Impossible Dream: Dependable, Skilled Software Application Development, Support and Maintenance Services at an Affordable Price

Oh infinitely wise business person, you can get what you need in the way of software application development, maintenance and support services without selling your most prized possessions and taking out a third mortgage!You need an IT consulting partner that is professional, dedicated and proficient. With that ace in the hole, you can wallop the competition with flexible services that let you quickly supplement existing staffing, and ensure that your application development design and execution is cost-effective and executed by experienced software developers who have your best interests in mind – a team that wants you to succeed as much as it wants its own business to succeed! Can you imagine that? Yes, this kind of IT partner DOES exist!
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Pinch Me! Great IT Partners DO exist!

I am demanding! I like smart people! When it comes to finding a technology partner to help me with IT tasks and provide a few extra hands to do the heavy lifting – well there is just no substitute for smarts! As long as I am making a list of characteristics, I would also add functional and domain expertise and business and market value. I want the right solution and excellent results at an affordable cost. I want a partner with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) standards, well-tested business processes, systems and models. I also want a team that will go the extra mile to deliver timely results while maintaining superlative quality. My partner has to have a customer centric approach and work toward a sustained relationship and mutually synergistic growth. After all, my project, time and money are really important to me. I need to know that my partner feels the same way.
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Windows Mobile Business Applications – Get with the Program!

The buzz about smart phones and business applications has expanded to the mother of all computer giants, Yes, folks, Windows mobile business apps are here and they can satisfy nearly every Smart Phone need and provide you with new product, marketing and sales opportunities. Opportunities for custom windows phone application development include complex graphical applications, 3D modeling, audio and video streaming on mobile platforms, interactive 2D and interactive 3D games, mobile interfaces for enterprise applications, content management system interfaces, enterprise business management applications for travel, and expense management, and creation of on–the–fly presentations. These interfaces can be designed as platform and device independent, so they are suitable for multiple mobile devices and will satisfy even cross–platform requirements. Users enjoy online and offline synchronization of data and integration of enterprise data sources and web services.
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You Say Volution, He Says Volition…I SAY VOLUSION! It’s eCommerce and it’s Here NOW!

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Volusion means twisting and turning. Volition means willing, choosing or resolving. Volusion is an eCommerce package that stops you from twisting and turning and helps you choose a solution that will resolve your problems. Clever, eh? Who said my sense of humor had failed?Volusion can give you a powerful online store, shopping cart and web store environment suitable for even the most complex online sales applications. Volusion offers a rich tool set and framework to efficiently create powerful, feature-rich ecommerce solutions and websites. The framework can also be used to create a simple shopping cart and its hosted, supported tools and environs provide numerous opportunities for an enterprise to engage in online sales. Volusion offers ready-made templates that can be quickly configured to support numerous sales activities.
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Gee, Those iPhone Games are Keen but I Need a Business App to Love!

I’ll admit it! My iPhone is pretty cool. I love the games, the GPS and all the other stuff. My one complaint (if it’s really a complaint) is that this smart phone has so much untapped potential. What if I could design a custom iPhone business app that would help my employees to work smarter and faster from the office or anywhere! I could interact with my customers and let them access accounts, browse and buy services and products and do just about anything they want – all with the convenience of access through their iPhone. All with my dynamite iPhone biz app!
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Software as a Service: Oxymoron or Splendid Invention?

There is software (that miraculous and sometimes maddening invention of programmers and developers that somehow manages, organizes and manipulates your most precious business and personal data). And there is service a word I have come to understand as having something to do with a business helping you by providing attention, expertise or products in exchange for a fee). But, can there really be something called Software as a Service? Yes! Software as a Service is a wonderful new(ish) invention that allows you to get all the features and functionality of a software package without all the headaches of implementation, installation, deployment, and maintenance and support. It can be accessed via the internet so you can use it from anywhere and, the best part is, someone else has to maintain and support it.
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AR for Gaming is Obvious. AR for Mobile Business Apps is BRILLIANT!

Any fool can see the advantages of augmented reality (otherwise known as AR) in the gaming industry. But, the business guru with a fire in her belly wants to take AR to the next level. Cutting edge AR business applications for mobile phones or tablets are just about the coolest apps in business today. Listen to Trudy! Achieve greater visibility, generate revenue, and improve productivity and market share. Get with the AR program!Top AR apps provide a near real world experience, and augment those experiences with information, interactive features and functionality to enhance look and feel, and ease-of-use. Use AR for advertising, instructional diagrams, videos, 3D object manipulation, medical or technical apps, travel, real estate, construction, air and space technology, architecture, gaming, design, collaboration, hospitality, navigation, fashion, art, events, career apps, mapping, manufacturing, schools and more!
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A Rock Star IT Consultant Can Help you Take a BITE Out of the Market with CMS, Portals and eCommerce

Sell it, talk about it, work on it, join forces to conquer the business market, shake hands with your customers and bring them back for more! Just about anything you want to do in business can be complemented by a Content Management System (CMS), web portals and eCommerce solutions! With the rapid growth of web marketing and sales, even the smallest business might find itself competing with regional or global businesses. With a few key strokes, your customers can find and buy products and services from companies in your community, or on the other side of the world!
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