Forget Those Jittery Energy Drinks! Joomla Can Energize An Entire Company!

Take it from Trudy! I have a lot to learn. When my colleague, Alex, told me he was using Joomla, I thought it might be a new energy drink. While you won’t find Joomla on the shelves of a grocery store, it WILL energize your company. Joomla is an award–winning Content Management System. Let me explain why it is so special. It can be deployed on nearly any operating system or platform, which makes it pretty flexible and useful for CMS implementations. It also has a lot of tools for web designers and developers to efficiently create CMS sites and clients using Joomla sites easily manage their site after implementation is complete.
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As Sweet As Blackberry Pie! Get a Taste of Success with Blackberry Mobile Business Apps!

When it comes to pies, I’m partial to blackberries! And, my tastes do not change when it comes to Smart Phones and hand held devices. The Blackberry® is my favorite! So, it is no surprise that I decided to go with the Blackberry® platform to design my mobile business app! You might think that BlackBerry® is a messaging device, but the newest models incorporate other Smart Phone technology and can compete with other popular Smart Phone devices for flexibility and reach! Internet faxing, web browsing, multi–lingual messaging, auto–text with auto–correct and other text features like shortcuts, FaceBook and other social networking updates, and support for Google Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, and eBay.
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Let’s Start the Year Right with Business Mobile Apps!

mobile-apps-development (2)
My goal for this year is to create business mobile applications to help our company meet its goals and remain competitive. I’m still humming holiday tunes, so here is an old favorite, with a business mobile app twist.
  1. On the first day of the fiscal year, my manager said to me, “We need mobile apps to break free”
  2. On the second day of the fiscal year, my client said to me, “Your apps do not run in 3D”
  3. In the third month of the fiscal year, my tech rep said, “I guess…we need mobile GPS”
  4. In the sixth month of the fiscal year, my marketers did state, “With FaceBook we must integrate”
  5. In the eighth month of the fiscal year, my team leader did say, “Our team needs a mobile app way”
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dotCMS and Jimmy (the Marketing Guy) = A Great Pair!

The internet is old news but one thing still confuses me. When we note a web site, we do the “.com” thing. When we say the name, we say “dot com”. When we talk about the Content Management System (CMS) dotCMS, we say “dot CMS”. I believe I have it straight. No matter how you say it, dotCMS is one of the fastest growing open source CMS solutions in the world. It lets you manage open source portals, company web sites, and intranet applications and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist (or programmer) to do it! I like dotCMS because it has lots of features and CRM tools to help me communicate with customers. I can manage documents and content, produce feeds, news listings, blogs, and forums and use the built-in search engine to make my site easier to navigate.
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Trudy Discovers the Future: iPad Business Apps

iPad! It’s all anyone talks about! Frankly, I just didn’t believe any technology could ever be THAT cool. I was wrong. I received an iPad as a gift and I am determined to use every feature the device has to offer! If you know Trudy, you know that everything I do is focused on making business easier – improving my bottom line; making technology simpler for my team. So, I am on a mission to leverage the iPad in the business arena. iPad is smaller than a traditional laptop or tablet computer, with the flexibility and features of a Smart Phone.
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Liferay! As Cool as a Space Movie, but More Practical!

You know how some products have such a cool name that you can’t help but pay attention? This year, I discovered just such a product. Liferay Portal! Sounds like something from an outer space movie with lots of special effects, right? What I discovered is that Liferay Portal is a web portal framework with over sixty tools and innovative technologies to create web sites, Content Management Systems (CMS) and intranet applications. It has features like Out–of–the–Box tools, Single–Click Configuration, SOA Framework, Dynamic Drag and Drop, Secure Single Sign On (SSO), Work from Desktop Tools, Granular Role–Based Authorization, Search and Tagging, Communities and Organizations, Personal User Pages, and Multi–Language Support.
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A Great Technology Partner Equals Happy Camping

I’m a team player. I have learned the value of collaboration and I firmly believe that partners can achieve more than an individual. Whether you need to bring a fresh, experienced perspective to a problem, or create a new product or service or you want to improve and sustain employee and customer satisfaction, these days it is nearly impossible to get it all done by yourself.When I looked for a technology partner to augment my product and service offerings and provide additional, global expertise, I set some pretty high standards. I wanted a partner with years of experience working in many industries, for all types of clients; one that could grow with my needs; and had existing alliances with IT companies, and consulting companies, business consultants and service providers. They would have to provide services to complement my domain expertise with product development and implementation skills and methodology.
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The Day Trudy Nearly Hired a Monkey to Develop a Mobile Application

Earlier this year, I had lunch with my friend, David, the tech guru. He helps me look smart with my boss. My company wanted to develop a mobile app for our employees. It had to be GPS capable, allow us to stream audio and video, and support touch screen, web services and web applications. David said to use Symbian. What’s a Symbian? I consulted my dictionary and found that Symbion is an aquatic animal. That wasn’t it! I also found Simian, which is a monkey. David certainly didn’t want me to hire a monkey to develop my app. I called him and admitted I had no idea what a Symbian was!
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CMS Experts or Fish Bones? The Choice is Clear!

Content Management System
Every business person has seen, and probably used, a Fish Bone Diagram. It's a proven tool that helps us objectively assess a problem. Last year my team and I created a fish bone in hopes of finding a solution to our Content Management System (CMS) problems. The cause and effect diagram is a visual way to organize data and brainstorm solutions but, in order to use it effectively we had to identify every problem. In the world of the Fish Bone Diagram, we refer to this as 'knowing your bones'. When it comes to CMS portals, my team doesn't understand the challenges of design, development, configuration, implementation, integration and support of a CMS system.
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Don’t Be Like Joe! With the Right Help Your Business CAN Create a GREAT eCommerce or CMS Site!

My friend Joe always complains about his technology problems. “We just started to look at a Content Management System and our online store software isn’t doing much for our revenue. Just when I think I’ve found the right solution, I find out my IT team can’t support it.” Every company wants to establish an online presence to sell products or services and provide portable tools that enable employee collaboration across the enterprise and on the road. CMS, shopping carts, and e-commerce solutions help promote and sell products and generate revenue. They also provide a productive, collaborative environment. But, even if you choose the right eCommerce, portal, or Content Management System (CMS), your business still has to consider other issues. To build a strong foundation, you’ll need an expert who understands cross-platform interoperability, online stores, system integration, and mobile CMS and portal collaborative tools. An experienced IT consultant can build a flexible, affordable environment to support growth and comply with average user skills.
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