Joomla Website Development for boat coating manufacturers

A Corporate Portal based on Joomla Website Development Framework is developed for one of the leading boat coating manufacturers based in USA. The client required a portal that would showcase various wood coating and finishing products. Details >

Overwhelmed with IT? It Helps to Have a Friend in the IT Business

You know how it is. You have more IT work than resources so you pull a team member from one project to staff another. This can result in project delays and budget overrun and the work product can suffer if the team doesn’t have the skills you need to complete a task. I understand. I’ve faced these issues too. Fortunately, I found a solution. My technology projects and support issues were a constant source of frustration. When I needed to finish a critical project, something would get in the way – network issues, technology deployment, or integration or migration issue – the list was endless.
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Oh Woe Is Me! The Sad Tale of Failed Software Product Development

I met Emily at a recent IT conference. She was part of a panel discussing application and product development. Emily cautioned the audience about the perils of developing a software application for sale. Any packaged application vendor will tell you that developing a software product is not risk free. It is costly and can be disastrous. You need the right skills, processes, methodologies and oversight. Emily talked about her company’s experience and how they abandoned the project after years of work and a gargantuan budget overrun.
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PHP Development for an Architectural and Engineering Design Portal

Elegant MicroWeb, a PHP Development specialist, developed a Corporate Portal for an Architectural and Engineering design firm for a client based in UAE. The corporate portal effectively showcases architectural design portfolios and services. The portfolios include designs created for locations dedicated to hospitality, healthcare, restaurants, spas, sports and recreation centres, urban planning and residential properties. Details >

Liferay Theme Design and Portal Integration - Landscaping Services Provider in USA

Liferay theme design and portal integration provided to USA based landscaping services provider
Elegant MicroWeb provided Liferay Themes Design services to the portal which primarily focuses on offering various landscaping services like sprinklers, fertilization, aeration, yard cleanups, mowing, edging, trimming and holiday lighting etc. The dynamic content pages based on Liferay Themes allow client to easily update contents and offer periodic as well as special discounts for new installations. Payment transactions for services can be made online through the PayPal gateway using Credit Cards. Details >

PHP Development for Performance Improvement Assessment Portal

Elegant MicroWeb, a PHP Development expert, developed a performance improvement assessment portal for a USA based company. The portal tracks performance improvement activities that detail structured, long-term processes of specific performance measures, assess their application, apply performance improvement measures and re-evaluate user performance. Users or learners can track their performances and earn performance credits during the assessment process through the portal. In order to earn credits, a learner needs to successfully complete each of the three stages namely: A (Assessment), B (Application), C (Evaluation). Details >

Joomla Website Development Services for Rental Property Portal

A rental property portal is developed by Joomla Website Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb for one of the clients based in USA. Details >

PHP Development Services for Property Portal

PHP Development services are provided to a client based in Singapore for designing a Property Portal. The Property Portal developed by a PHP Development specialist, Elegant MicroWeb, is a versatile, extensive platform designed for property agents, dealers as well as customers. Visitors to the portal can access a vast storehouse of updated information in a single vibrant space. Details >

PHP Development for French Event Management Portal

PHP Development services are provided by PHP Designer, Elegant MicroWeb for an Event Management web portal for a client based in France. The client required a portal that would allow users to create events, invite participants and receive responses from participants confirming their availability and participation based on an event calendar. The portal would permit users to fix a possible schedule of events and also suggest dates on which scheduling of events should be avoided. Details >

Joomla Website Development for a Corporate Portal of Specialized Clinical Diagnostic Testing Services

Joomla Website Development service provider, Elegant MicroWeb, developed a Corporate Portal for a client offering Specialized Clinical Diagnostic Testing Services in USA. The client desired to have a user friendly portal that would help them to effectively showcase their highly specialized technical/technological skills and services to customers. They desired to have an online presence that would communicate their superior professional competence allowing them to offer a vast menu of diagnostic tests as well as cutting edge contract research services utilizing state-of-the-art technologies that they offer to their clients. The client needed a portal that provided quick access to services that customers wish to procure with the ability to order and make payments online. Details >