Volusion Development Services – Eco-friendly Cosmetics Store in Australia

Volusion development services from India for eco-friendly cosmetics store in Australia

Volusion Design expert, Elegant MicroWeb has redesigned an Online Store dealing in eco-friendly, mineral-based cosmetics for a client in Australia.

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Volusion Store Design, Shipping & ERP Integration for Modded Controllers Ecommerce Website

Volusion store design, shopping cart customization, shipping and erp integration services provided to USA based modded controllers ecommerce site
As a Volusion Templates Design expert, Elegant MicroWeb provided Volusion Design and Development services to redesign an Online Store dealing in modd controllers for a client in USA. Details >

WordPress Theme Design and Development - Online Portal for IT Consultant

WordPress Theme Design and Development for Australia based IT consulting firm
WordPress Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb has completed the development of a corporate portal for a client based in Australia and engaged in providing IT Consultancy services. The client has plenty of experience in providing IT consulting services. It provides customized and bespoke solutions for royalty reporting, digital asset management and digital entertainment services. Through tailor-made solutions, it helps content companies evolve with digital economy and improve unified messaging and broadcast messaging. Details >

eCommerce and Internet Marketing Specialists

Those pesky competitors! They offer great deals, and advertise and market to your prospects. Sometimes, they even steal away customers. But don't be downhearted! You CAN beat the competition using eCommerce and an experienced internet marketing specialist! eCommerce improves business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales and supports all kinds of customer-facing and partner activities. Just don't forget that Internet marketing specialist I mentioned! He or she can help you get the most out of eCommerce using domain knowledge and the right tools to integrate advertising and marketing campaigns with social media sites, enterprise website, and blogs. With SEO, SMM and PPC your eCommerce initiatives will target the right customers, enhance brand awareness and reach the right audience and geographies.
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iPhone Programming and Business Apps to Satisfy iPhone Addicts and the iGeneration

iGeneration! In 2010, a new term was invented to describe what will become the next generation workforce. The Millennial generation is nearing 30, and high school kids are moving into college dorms. In a year or two the iGeneration will join the workforce. They are plugged in to social networks and they are used to buying products and services with their Smart Phones and tablets.In my world, the iGeneration might as well mean ‘the iPhone generation’ and that generation is here now. We don’t have to wait for the new kids to join the workforce. We are already pressed to provide iPhone programming to support the sales of business products and services via iPhone to satisfy the millions of iPhone addicts who stand in line for the next version of their favorite device!
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Joomla Developers Can’t Dance But They CAN Create Awesome CMS Sites

You know how people like to invent new words today? The Miriam Webster dictionary releases a list of new words added to the dictionary every year. If I wasn’t a tech geek, I might think Joomla was a new dance. Fortunately, I DO know what Joomla means! Joomla is a popular, award-winning, PHP-based Content Management System (CMS) solution. Joomla Developers can use this solution to create business applications and CMS sites with graphical interfaces to run on a web server in the form of a web page. Joomla website development projects can be deployed on nearly any operating system or platform and the Joomla framework provides lots of tools for web designers and Joomla developers to efficiently create CMS sites and give you and your team the ability to easily manage these sites after implementation.
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