Volusion Design Services - Souvenir Product Store in Australia

Australia based souvenir product store by Volusion designer from India
Volusion Templates design and integration services are provided by Elegant MicroWeb for an eCommerce store dealing in souvenir products for a client in Australia. The client is a well-known dealer providing a plethora of souvenir merchandise like paper products, metallic products, and clothing accessories. The products are either manufactured in-house or sourced through reliable suppliers. Details >

PHP Development- Kiosk Application – Aircraft Manufacturer

PHP Development services are provided by PHP Developers at Elegant MicroWeb for designing and developing Kiosk application for Brazil based renowned manufacturer of aircrafts. The client belongs to a leading group of companies engaged in the manufacturing of aircrafts for a variety of purposes like Commercial Aviation and Defense. It is also involved in making small aircrafts that serve other requirements like Agriculture and as Executive Jets. Details >

PHP Developer – Electronics and Home Appliances Portal with Souq API integration

PHP Developer, Elegant MicroWeb has provided PHP Development services for developing an ecommerce portal for a retail chain of electronics for a client based in UAE. The client is a leading dealer of branded electronics and home appliances. It is part of the group of companies with extensive role in areas like sales, exports, logistics, home appliances, electronics, digital printing and visitor management. Details >

Internet Marketing Specialists Connect You to Customers

Internet Marketing is the newest gorilla in the zoo but it’s already the most powerful animal in business promotion. Internet marketing specialists integrate marketing with social media, blogs and websites to optimize your marketing budget. Customers have no patience for marketing that doesn’t relate to their interests. They expect you to customize your approach to their buying behavior and offer products and services that appeal to them.Internet Marketing specialists can create a virtual world that is flexible, fast and intuitive to engage and retain clients by offering content, games, tools, polls, events, products and services to meet the needs of specific customers. Internet marketing specialists use Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Pay-Per-Click to attract and retain customers. Electronic customer relationship management is the new frontier of lead conversion, and customer retention. If you want to win in this new world, get an Internet Marketing Specialist or email to info@elegantmicroweb.com
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Cosmetic Surgery and Augmentation Doesn’t Affect the Business Bottom Line!

Most of us get our news online and, if you are interested in health and beauty issues, you know about the various forms of augmentation designed to beautify your form and your face. In the world of technology, augmentation doesn’t involve glamour, but it DOES help your business in a very important way. Offshore outsourcing by an expert offshore outsourcing company provides staff augmentation services for help when and where you need it.With great offshore outsourcing services, you get the skill, experience and knowledge of the staff augmentation team. It’s like hiring the best employees without the expense or bother of finding and training the right people. It’s all done for you!
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Lots of Factors Influence Success in Online Sales! The Volusion eCommerce Solution is One of Them!

If you read this blog, you know that I am knee-deep in the world of technology. In recent years, I’ve spent a lot of time fielding requests from my executive team to create online sales channels that would improve our bottom line. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this and a lot of factors that figure into online sales success.Today, I want to talk a little about eCommerce online stores and shopping carts. Whether you sell products or services, you need a sales site that is easy for clients to use and one that will support and link to your other sites. However, most companies don’t have the money, time or knowledge to build their own online framework and, even if they did, that framework would have to function across multiple platforms and be usable on numerous stationary and mobile devices.
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