Volusion Customization, Integration and Consulting Services - USA based Online Clothing Store

Volusion consultancy from India offered customization, integration and consulting services for USA based online clothing store
Volusion Templates Design framework is developed for a US client. The client is a well-established, reputed chain of value-oriented, casual clothing and footwear superstores operating in the USA. Their stores target the moderate- to upper-middle income customers and offer casual, family apparel and footwear, workwear, active wear, and licensed team apparel. Details >

Bigcommerce Development & Custom Template Design for Online Jewelry & Accessories Store

Bigcommerce store development, template design and internet marketing provided to US based online apparel, jewelry & accessories website
Bigcommerce services are provided to redesign ecommerce portal of US client dealing in apparel, accessories and jewelry. The client is well-known dealer of apparel, clothing accessories and jewelry. It has been providing products that carry value, feel and style, and more specifically designed for urban women. Fashionable apparels like dresses, hats, shorts; jewelry like ring, bracelet, necklace, body chain; and shoes are up for sale during various times of the year. Details >

Quality Assurance and Testing – Social Dieting Game Portal

QA team at Elegant MicroWeb has teamed up with USA based client to provide quality assurance and testing services for a social dieting game portal. The client is one of the well-known service providers of online games, which are developed to promote the concept of “Social Dieting” among the participants. The users can bet money to lose weight in a certain amount of time. They put money in the (virtual) pot along with others, especially fitness celebrities and whoever reaches the target gets to split the pot. The client intends to create a friendly competition among the members with an extra incentive for cash rewards at the end of the session (four-week period). Details >

Volusion Design, Customization & Development Services - Beauty and Skincare Online Store

Volusion design, customization and development for beauty and skincare ecommerce store
Volusion Design experts at Elegant MicroWeb have redesigned an ecommerce portal for a client based in USA and involved in providing beauty and skincare solutions. The client is a leading dealer in skincare products, for instance, moisturizer, toner, cleanser, acne-treatment and anti-aging solutions, masque and facial spritz. The customers can purchase the skincare solutions according the brand of their choice. Details >

CMS Graduates From File Management To Collaboration And Beyond

Web marketing and sales have grown exponentially in the past two decades. Even the smallest, local business owner may have regional or global business competition. With a few minutes of web research, your clients can purchase products and services from companies located in your community, or on other continents. To compete, you have to create a site that ensures appropriate competition in the local, regional, domestic and global markets. Today, CMS Development goes beyond file management and shared workflow. Content Management Systems can promote and sell products and services, help you share business–to–business and consumer information, and provide a productive, collaborative environment.
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Flexible Offshore Outsourcing Delivery Models Are More Fun Than Russian Roulette!

offshore-outsourcing-services (2)
I have friends in the business and technology community who think that offshore outsourcing is like playing Russian Roulette. What I tell them is that, if they are careful about partner selection, they will get what they need. One of the most critical issues for offshore outsourcing services is delivery models. If your your partner has flexible service delivery models, you will be happier with the services. What you DON’T want is a vendor who is only available during the business hours in their time zone.What if your vendor is in India and you are in the U.S. or the U.K.? Are you willing to waste precious days waiting for an answer to a voicemail or an email? Are you willing to work at arm’s length, or do you want to talk directly to your vendor, on the phone or in person? Does your service provider offer flexible delivery models to meet long-term and short-term needs for projects and/or ongoing support?
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Liferay Portal Development to Create CMS, Blog, eCommerce and Business Sites

Content Management Systems (CMS) used to be for document management and a little bit of collaborative work. Today, CMS systems can be used for all types of projects and sites and ingenious business managers are pushing the envelope to find new uses every day. If you want to use a CMS framework to manage a classic Content Management System site or an eCommerce site, blog or other business site, you might want to consider Liferay Portal Development using an expert Liferay Developer. Liferay has practical, functional tools for innovative design and it can satisfy technical and usability concerns for nearly any type of site. You can integrate legacy system data, HR, Accounting or Sales systems data and any other sources of important data.Liferay Portal Development is flexible, with Out–of–the–Box tools, Single–Click Configuration, SOA Framework, Dynamic Drag and Drop, Secure Single Sign On (SSO), Work from Desktop Tools, Granular Role–Based Authorization, Search and Tagging, Communities and Organizations, Personal User Pages, and Multi–Language Support.
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