PHP Developer – Portal of Bathroom and Sanitary Solutions

PHP developer, Elegant MicroWeb has provided PHP development expertise for a corporate portal of a client based in UAE. The client is a renowned dealer of sophisticated, classy and innovative bathroom and sanitary solutions. With its network stretching from Middle-east to Europe, it has been providing a huge range of brand-driven, durable quality products like tiles, faucets and fixtures, bathroom furniture, tubs and cubicles and sanitary items. Apart from maintaining quality levels, it strives to promote materials, technological innovations and production methods that ensure the product lasts longer and makes optimal use of water. Details >

CRM Solution Provider - Hire WordPress Programmer

CRM solution provider based in Canada hired WordPress programmer from India
WordPress developer, Elegant MicroWeb was selected to develop a website of Canada based client, providing CRM software expertise. The client is renowned in the region for providing training and support for CRM solutions. It provides the expert advice and guidance on some of the best known solutions related to customer relationship management. Apart from training, the client also provides necessary inputs to prospective and existing customers about the use and effectiveness of CRM software. Details >

Automotive & Wind Power Products Manufacturing Company – Hired Umbraco Developer

US based automotive and wind power products manufacturer hired Umbraco developers for designing portal in Umbraco CMS

Umbraco Templates design services are provided by Umbraco CMS experts at Elegant MicroWeb for the design and development of corporate portal of US based client engaged in manufacturing and sales of industrial products.

The client is well-known manufacturer of industry standard products that are primarily used in automotive, wind power industries and for critical applications. Being a leader in the production of retaining systems, it holds extensive experience in the field of engineering development and production techniques. Some of the products manufactured and sold on large-scale are retaining ring, shim and spring.

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Android Developers – Android based Raffle Draw Application

As Android Developers, Elegant MicroWeb designed a tablet based Android application of Raffle draw for one of the clients of UAE. The application is developed for an electronics retail chain in Dubai. After buying the product from any of the online client outlets, the customer registration for raffle draw is carried out using this app. After the verification of registered details in real time with ERP database, the valid ones are accepted for raffle draw. Consequently, the customer receives a confirmation mail or SMS about his registration and awarded coupons. Details >

Volusion Design is the Answer to Your eCommerce Problems

If your shopping cart or online store isn’t producing the results you want; if you can’t easily add new products or pricing; if your site isn’t integrated with payment gateways, and stock management…don’t give up. Get a Volusion design expert!Volusion provides eCommerce software that is designed to help you build, manage and grow a successful online business. Expert Volusion Design enables simple site management in the long term and makes it easy for the business to customize storefronts and themes. There are many product options for colors and sizes and there is strong support for product and category configuration. Volusion Design tools allow Volusion developers to integrate inventory management and order management, social media tools like YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook and shipping APIs and payment gateways.
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Offshore Outsourcing May Not be Brain Surgery, But it IS Equally Important

Offshore Outsourcing can be very successful or it can be a total disaster. When you are looking at offshore outsourcing service providers, you MUST consider the skill and experience of the offshore outsourcing company.What if you had a rare health issue? Would you go to a doctor who earned his degree online or one who just opened her practice? When it comes to choosing an offshore outsourcing partner, your business, your needs and your requirements are just as unique as a rare health issue. Choose an Offshore Outsourcing Company that has years of experience and proven processes and delivery. Your service provider must have models that are proven with all types of projects and clients, in all environments for technical offshore development projects, service and support. They must have a successful, stable business and leadership with a track record that spans many years and sustained client relationships.
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So You Think You Have What It Takes to Succeed in Software Application Development?

Software Application Development can be a daunting prospect, especially if your business IT staff and IT department is not structured to accommodate custom development and/or is already overloaded with maintenance, support, upgrades and deployment projects.So, what is an overwhelmed business with software development dreams to do? Even if someone tells me that they have the in-house skills and software application developers, I advise them to look carefully at the project(s) and the detailed requirements. Your team may include web application developers and IT professionals with software application development experience, but in the current state of technology evolution, there are many hidden obstacles to successful software development.
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