Created Umbraco Theme and Provided Development Services for Corporate Bank in US

Creating an Umbraco theme, designed portal and development services provided to US based corporate bank
Umbraco Templates Design specialist, Elegant MicroWeb has developed a corporate portal of an international bank on Umbraco CMS framework for US based client. The portal belongs to a renowned, multinational bank with its branches spread across the nation. With primary function involved in personal and business banking services, the bank also provides loan facility for personal, residential, commercial and other purposes. Details >

WordPress Plugin Development with Responsive Web Design – Event Organizer based in Malaysia

WordPress plugin development, customization and integration services for event management client based in Malaysia
Services related to WordPress Plugin development is provided by Elegant MicroWeb to design and integrate custom plugins for a client based in Malaysia and engaged in providing event management services. Details >

Software Development and Maintenance – Logistics Fulfillment Portal

Elegant MicroWeb has successfully teamed with UK based logistics fulfillment service provider for providing software development and maintenance services for fulfillment portal based on Core PHP framework for UK based client. The client is a renowned logistics service provider and provides logistics fulfillment and redemption platform to a number of merchants. The portal provides four interfaces namely brand, supplier, agent and admin. Merchants can create their own redemption store with personalized branding, configure deals and products and offer fulfillment services with delivery and tracking of their customers orders in very short period of time. Using their fulfillment portal, customers of the merchants can redeem the vouchers, choose the delivery options and track the status of their order(s) and choose the delivery options. Details >

Hire WordPress Developers – Japan based Business Center Solution Provider

Japan based Business Center Solution Provider - Hire WordPress Developers from India
WordPress developer, Elegant MicroWeb has designed and developed a corporate portal for Japan based client engaged in providing business center solutions. The client is a renowned solution provider offering a variety of business center solutions for corporate world. Business rooms are provided on rental basis to corporate people for organising seminars, meetings or conferences. The company also offers heap of in-house facilities like projector, computer workstations with internet access, copier, printer, facsimile, office supplies to meet the purpose. Services like study room for course-discourse, share office for digital equipments and roof top area for catering purposes are provided by the company too. Details >

Liferay Themes Will Bring Light to Your Business

Are you looking for a fresh solution for CMS and collaborative sites? The Liferay Portal solution is a good option. Liferay Themes and tools are innovatively designed to satisfy technical and usability concerns. The tool suite uses an open SOA strategy for easy, affordable application integration. Clients can integrate legacy system data, HR, Accounting or Sales data and other sources of important data to present complete, accurate data for Content Management System requirements.Liferay Themes allow developers to leverage a rich set of features and easily customize portals to meet client needs. The portal is designed to simplify the work experience, and quickly create, and customize CMS environments, document management systems and websites. The user interface has multiple layers of available personalization and desktop conventions, for ease of use and quick adoption.
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What is dotCMS? It’s Open Source CMS for Everyone

What is a dotCMS? Some people may find dotCMS to be a strange business name but it is appropriate for the solution. dotCMS is also one of the fastest growing open source enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. The communication platform allows clients to manage an open source portal, company website or intranet application without the technical knowledge of a software programmer and that saves money and time and empowers team members. Comprehensive dotCMS development includes the best features of enterprise CMS, eCommerce, and CRM tools to support communication with customers, clients and prospects.
You can use dotCMS for document management, and information portals and the Accelerator Starter toolkit supports industry specific applications. Whether you want to use dotCMS for blogs, forums, workflow management, event management, mailing list, campaign or communication management or other needs, my best advice would be to find yourself an expert in dotCMS development. I know I just said that you can use this open source solution to meet your needs without software programmers, but working with dotCMS experts to build the foundation is a worthy investment of time and effort. Once you have the foundation, with cross-platform integration and enterprise wide, secured access your team can leverage and use CMS without technical knowledge or programming skills. You can expand your market share and improve your corporate visibility and who doesn’t want that?
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