Network Device Performance Monitoring System development using J2EE framework

Network Device Performance Monitoring System based on J2EE Framework is developed for one of the client’s based in Colombia. The client desired to have a user friendly application that would provide interactive dashboards for monitoring usage of various networking devices. Details >

Liferay Portal Development, Maintenance and Support for Project Management and Organization Directory Portal

Client in Switzerland hired Liferay programmers from Elegant MicroWeb to develop, maintain and support project management and organization directory portal

Project Management and Organization directory portal is developed for a client in Switzerland.

Portal has comprehensive organization chart with searchable team member directory within various departments. Users can search and browse detailed profiles for all team members within the organization. Administrator and organization heads can create projects, allocate team members for the project ( resources ) from the organization directory, and create various public and private pages for the project. Project wise details, documents, wiki, forums are managed by team members associated with a project, and they can communicate with each other based on their access rights.

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Web Service, C# or .NET PDF Printing Nightmares? Wake Up and Discover a Simple Fix!

No matter how skilled or tech savvy a corporate user is, there are times when a problem or challenge stops them in their tracks, and when you are working against a deadline, there is nothing more frustrating than this kind of delay. This article outlines one such issue related to printing multiple copies of a PDF file through a Web Service.Using Acrobat Reader: Version 6 of Adobe Reader supported command line printing, but that support was removed in later versions. It can still launch the application using System.Diagnostics.Process class and supplying the "PrintTo" verb, but there is an issue with the 32-bit and 64-bit version and there may be a few conflicts on different machines and operating systems (Win 7, Win 8, Win XP / 32-bit, 64-bit). It would seem that the Acrobat Reader fails because of several related issues.
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Don't Frustrate Your Audience: Present Concise, Actionable Data with Intuitive BI Reporting Tools

bi-reporting1 (2)
Every business professional has had the experience of sitting in a meeting and listening to presentation that is dry, and lacks impact. Unfortunately, some of these presentations contain critical information that can support important business decisions. But, the impact of the information is lost in the detail of slides, numbers and statistics.When a business person is asked to make a decision, it is sometimes difficult to sift through all the data and see the patterns, trends and important opportunities hidden in the detail. We would like to think that our team members are capable of selecting the right data and presenting it in an intuitive manner but that is not always the case. Furthermore, even the best, most analytical team member can sometimes miss patterns or fall into the rut of presenting data in the same old way!
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A Match Made in Heaven - AND it's FREE! Volusion and FaceBook Stores

If you are a Volusion customer, and you are currently using the Volusion solution for your eCommerce store or online shopping cart, you will be pleased to know that you can use the solution to create a FaceBook store wherein you can sell your products and services. Volusion customers will be pleased to know that there is no additional licensing fee or charge for this product extension. Combining eCommerce with social media, internet marketing and social media marketing is a crucial part of online sales today and this integration enables up selling and cross-channel marketing campaigns. If your business has a license for the Volusion eCommerce solution, it is worth your while to explore the opportunities provided by the FaceBook store extension. Your Volusion developers can leverage the solution to design and create a professional store with numerous selling and marketing features, and you will not incur any additional software licensing fees.
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Mobile Application Development Cannot Wait


A new global survey from CIO Strategic Marketing Services and Triangle Publishing Services, sponsored by Oracle- “The Connected Enterprise: Keeping Pace with Mobile Development- reveals that not only are enterprises committed to mobility today, but the rate of development, deployment and spending for support of mobile apps and devices is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years”.

If your business needs to ‘get mobile’, you have to jump into the game now. In order to remain competitive with others in your market and to satisfy your customers and team members, it is imperative that your apps be mobile, intuitive and accessible on all types of devices.

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Small and Medium Sized Businesses Can and Should Embrace Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD)

Within the past year, the trade journals and business bloggers have written countless columns, articles and blog entries about Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD).As with most technology changes (especially those that are costly), larger companies and enterprises will lead the way and many of these global companies have already shown us the power of RWD/AWD with sites that elegantly display the flexibility and user-friendly, mobile features and functionality that are possible with carefully designed sites. These businesses have the staff, the expert IT partners, and the budget to accomplish these goals. Let’s take a moment to consider some of the companies that have embraced responsive web design.
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Using Business Intelligence Data to Tell a Story


There is much research to prove that people listen more attentively when you tell a story. Why deliver dry data in a presentation, on slides or in a report when you can analyze data with BI and find the ‘story’.

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I KNOW You're Smart! That's Why You Are Going to Embrace Internet Marketing!

You're smart! I know you are! I know because you read my blog every month. Just kidding. The reason I know you are  smart is because you are online doing your research and trying to figure out how and why your customers shop and buy  and what your competition is doing to attract customers. And, because you are smart, I know that you understand the  value of internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) and pay-per-click (PPC)  marketing and selling. You understand the critical business considerations and you want to apply the new and most  relevant technologies to leverage web marketing services, reach customers, stakeholders and partners and generate and  increase enterprise revenue.
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eCommerce is Getting Better and More Customer-Focused


Take a look at one shopper’s experience! Here’s how technology can and should help shoppers and consumers to get what they need faster and with great personalization features.

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