100 Year Old Bookstore Finds the Secret to Mobile eCommerce


You’re business is never too old to discover the benefits of mobile, eCommerce, internet marketing and online customer targeting.

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Defeat the Aliens AND Unruly Content with Liferay Portal CMS

If you are savvy about Content Management Systems (CMS), you know that Liferay is not some kind of futuristic weapon to protect our planet from alien invaders. Liferay Portal is nothing quite so exotic! But, it is worth knowing about if you are a business owner or manager. Liferay is a popular web portal framework with over sixty tools and innovative technologies to create CMS sites and environs.Liferay Portal development tools are designed to simplify Liferay portal development and Liferay theme design. Liferay Portal can simplify workflow, and the user experience and it can be customized to cater to specific preferences and needs. Out–of–the–box Liferay Portlets allow developers to create and customize a CMS environment, a document management systems or a web site to meet other requirements. Liferay technology incorporates the open source frameworks and technologies of many popular toolsets, suites and languages like Java, Hibernate ORM, JSR 168, Apache Struts and more!
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SMEs, Grow Wisely and Thrive: Add Business Intelligence and KPIs to Tally Solutions & Succeed!

SMEs, Grow Wisely and Thrive: Add Business Intelligence and KPIs to Tally Solutions & Succeed!
Many small and medium sized companies use the Tally Solution to manage accounting and financial information and decisions. But, as the small to medium (SME) sized organization grows, it must consider its growth plan and take careful steps to grow at the right pace, and make the right financial and product decisions. The information and data contained in the Tally system is a good start, but if you want your organization to grow and thrive, you must establish a performance-driven culture and leverage the information contained in all enterprise systems to make objective decisions about products, services, competition and customers.
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Get it RIGHT! Protect Your Reputation by TESTING


Don’t let your users do the testing! Create seamless mobile apps.


Government Agencies Should Look Hard at Business Intelligence


Government agencies are often the last to adopt new technology. One of the reasons for this hesitance is cost, but there are plenty of other factors that keep these organizations from capitalizing on new tools. In the case of business intelligence, the cost can be affordable and the value and benefit is undeniable.

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ElegantJ BI Launches Business Intelligence and Reporting for Tally® Customers

ElegantJ BI, a Business Intelligence (BI) suite announces off-the-shelf, ready to use business intelligence application for Tally® ERP customers. Based in Bangalore, India, the Tally® Solutions suite of accounting and business application products is widely used by small and medium sized businesses, in the Middle East, India, Africa and other countries. ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel says, "We are pleased to serve Tally users by expanding and leveraging the capabilities of Tally® ERP, and empower users at every skill level, with sophisticated BI tools." The integration of ElegantJ BI allows users to view data integrated from CRM, spreadsheets and other databases to go beyond standard Tally reporting capability to create ad hoc reports, use interactive dashboards and monitor KPIs to ensure confident, timely decision-making.
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It Just Ain't That Hard to Find a Great Offshore Outsourcing Partner

offshore-outsourcing-services (2)

Don’t make a bad mistake! Take a gander at our white paper on finding and selecting the best offshore outsourcing or offshore development partner!

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WordPress for CMS? It's a No-Brainer!


In case you haven’t already heard, WordPress is VERY popular and small and medium sized companies have achieved great benefits from this CMS framework.

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Financial Services Group Achieves Great Results with ElegantJ BI


Take a look at the results achieved by this India-based financial services group. They achieved data consolidation, data security and confidence in their decision-making!

Article Source: http://ow.ly/Cmi0W

Do it Right the First Time: Get Business Results with Proven Quality & Testing Processes & Standards

When a business considers quality and testing issues and the need for skills and resources, it often makes the mistake of assuming that all consultants, technology teams and projects are run with the strictest quality and testing standards and guidelines. Nothing could be further from the truth. If a business pays little attention to quality and testing processes, it stands a good chance of learning an expensive, painful and time-consuming lesson!The right quality and testing processes, methodologies and standards can mean the difference between success and failure in application development and, most certainly, in the crucial arena of software product development. There is no room for a misstep in this arena and if there are significant issues, the business will lose customers and is unlikely to get a second chance to convince the market of its application or product stability and dependability.
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