WordPress Custom Theme Development – Appliance Repair Company

WordPress, E-commerce & Content Management System, CMS Portal

Elegant MicroWeb provided WordPress custom theme development for appliance repair company in USA. The client runs appliance repair and services businesses.

The client services in repairing of refrigerator, microwave, washer, dishwasher, dryer, oven and other home appliances.

WordPress expert from Elegant MicroWeb developed website and integrated photo gallery, search functionality, service appointment form and contact us form which enables users to book appointment for their appliance services.

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WordPress Development and Responsive Web Design – Iron Furnishings Company USA

WordPress development and responsive web design services was offered to USA based iron furnishings service provider
WordPress developer from Elegant MicroWeb provided WordPress development services for a iron furnishings provider based in USA. The client serves architects, builders and design professionals with high quality iron products for doors, stair railings, balconies, gates, furniture, firescreens and lighting. Incorporating WordPress Development services, expert developed a creative photo gallery containing snapshots of furnishing products. The portal also displays different sections like testimonials, news and contact. Integration of SEO plugin was performed in these CMS-driven web pages. Details >

WordPress Development and Responsive Design - service provider of GIS software products in USA

Provided WordPress development and Responsive theme design for service provider of GIS software products in USA
Elegant MicroWeb provided responsive web design and content integration for a client offering software products to GIS user community in USA. The client provides high-quality geodata for telecommunication market, transport management, logistics, LBS, geomarketing, and navigation markets. The client provided theme WP Boheme and an expert at Elegant MicroWeb developed responsive website and integrated the content. Also, social share and SEO plugins were installed on every webpage. Details >

WordPress Web Design and Development for Malaysia based Education Institute

Provided WordPress web design and development services for Malaysia based education institute

Elegant MicroWeb provided WordPress Development services for design and development of an education institution website for a client based in Malaysia.

The client is one of the leading educational institute in Malaysia involved in overall development of students. They believe in molding their students for ultimate knowledge and wisdom.

WordPress developer from Elegant MicroWeb designed and developed the whole website with responsive theme integration. Most of the plugins for incorporating gallery of pictures and menu bar were selected from the feature list available in the theme.

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WordPress Web Development for a Blog of Corporate Housing and Relocation firm

Provided WordPress web development service to develop a blog for a corporate housing and relocation firm in USA
Elegant MicroWeb provided WordPress web development service to develop a blog for a Corporate Housing and Relocation firm based in USA. The client provides services to assist it’s customer for relocation across the country, and helps them find comfortable corporate apartments. Their trained sales managers are certified relocation professionals and offers perfect solution for every complex relocation needs. WordPress developer from Elegant MicroWeb developed the responsive blog portal incorporating WordPress theme provided by the client. Widget was integrated to manage various content sections, category listings, popular posts and social icons. Details >

WordPress Web Development and Plugin Development with Energy Saver Calculator for Exterior Home Remodeling Company

Provided WordPress web development and plugin development services for USA based Exterior Home Remodeling Company

Elegant MicroWeb provided WordPress custom web development service to exterior home remodeling company based in USA.

The client deals into the products that works out best for long lasting paints and repairing homes. They also offer free consulting over roofing system, vinyl insulating wall system or custom made vinyl replacement windows.

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Numbers Don’t Lie. Mobile Apps and Responsive Web Design are CRUCIAL!


Numbers don’t lie. Where do you stand? Are you ready for Tsunami?


SMEs Can Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI – Part II Integration and Consolidation

SMEs Can Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI – Part II Integration and Consolidation
In Part I of this article series, we discussed the opportunities provided by integrating the Tally ERP accounting and inventory management solution with business intelligence reporting capabilities to enable flexible integrated visualization, and analysis so that the company can continue to use Tally ERP and leverage data from the Tally solution and other systems and solutions within the enterprise. Part II of this series of articles will focus on data integration and consolidation.To successful compete in your market you must be able to leverage the critical data in Tally ERP, in CRM systems, various spreadsheets and in other enterprise solutions. But, when a small business grows, it finds itself mired in technology solutions, including best-of-breed solutions, legacy systems, spreadsheets and other data sources. A flexible business intelligence solution must allow for easy, intuitive integration of all data sources and simple analysis and display of that data.
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IBM's Watson Answers Questions to Help Users. How Can BI Help YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS?

In the past, business managers saw BI Tools as a means to produce reports and graphs. Today, smart users see the power of context. By integrating enterprise systems and performing deep dive analysis, businesses can target their customers down to the area of the city in which they live, and the attitudes and behaviors they display in their purchasing history.
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Are You Banging Your Head Against the Proverbial Wall Trying to Email Using Gmail SMTP? Don't Despair!

It might surprise you to find out that sending email using Gmail SMTP can sometimes create an issue for developers and cause them to spend lot of time finding a solution. If you have encountered this issue, there are few important verifications required before you can resolve the problem. 1. UserDefaultCredentials = False, must always appear before Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential. If you insert this below Credentials, it will clear the authentication object and wait for new authentication parameters. Add UserDefaultCredentials before supplying authentication credentials and you will solve this problem. 2. Gmail supports two PORTS for sending an email, 587 and 465. If you trying to send using System.Net.Mail, it will not work with PORT 465, because System.NET.Mail only supports Explicit SSL. You can get more details on Explicit and Implicit SSL from http://blogs.msdn.com/b/webdav_101/archive/2008/06/02/system-net-mail-with-ssl-to-authenticate-against-port-465.aspx, if you need more information. Use port 587, rather than 465 so you do not experience an error, like connection timeout etc. 3. If you have a Google premium account, e.g., name@yourdomain.com, and you don’t have enough rights to allow other applications to send email using your email ID and password, you will need to employ a 2-step verification process so that other apps can send email using your authentication. You should also consider contacting your Administrator to get permission to establish and change settings and allow other application to send email with your authentication. If premium account authentication doesn't work try a gmail ID like this: name@gmail.com. That should do the trick.
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