ElegantJ BI Included in Gartner Nov., 2016 Report, ‘Other Vendors to Consider for Modern BI and Analytics’

Visualize Business Success with Smart Data Visualization ElegantJ BI, a leader in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions, is pleased to announce that its suite of Business Intelligence and Performance Management tools was listed as an Other Modern BI Platform Vendors in the Gartner ‘Other Vendors to Consider for Modern BI and Analytics’ report, dated November 3, 2016.
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Welcome, Citizen Data Scientists

Citizen Data Scientists I recently attended a business intelligence conference and I was reminded how important data democratization is for every company. One of the most important things to consider is how crucial it is to give your business users good, easy-to-use tools for smart visualization, plug n’ play predictive analysis and self-serve data preparation. It is one thing to SAY you want your business users empowered and accountable. It is another to expect them to use tools that are designed for IT or analysts or to leverage dashboards that are restrictive and frustrating.
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Guarantee BI Success: Achieve! Accomplish! Do it Right!

Guarantee BI Success: Achieve! Accomplish! Do it Right!
In our first article in the two-article series, entitled 'Guarantee BI Success: Why Self-Serve BI Initiatives Fail', we talked about the various factors that can dictate the success or failure of a self-serve business intelligence solution implementation. Factors like poor User Adoption, Data Access, Features and Benefits, Self-Serve Analytical Capability, Data Sharing and Reporting, Cost vs. Benefit, and Data Discovery issues must be considered in order to ensure the success of your self-serve business intelligence initiative.

Think eCommerce is Saturated? I Disagree!

Ecommerce Ar-50 My friend Murray is giving me a hard time. I tried to convince him to embrace eCommerce and expand his online business but he says that online business is saturated. He says there is no point in creating or upgrading online stores and sites because people are already confused by all the choices they have. I disagree!
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White Paper - Avoid Data Anarchy: Balance BI Analytics with Data Governance

When considering the various factors that will influence data governance policies and procedures, businesses must reckon with the reality of open access, multiple platforms, expanding user devices, integrated data repositories and the burgeoning growth of self-serve business intelligence and data democratization. Before an enterprise engages in a discussion of data governance, data security and appropriate user access, it is important to understand the concept, and importance, of data governance, and how it contrasts to the chaos of data anarchy. ###Details >

Guarantee BI Success: Why Self-Serve BI Initiatives Fail

Many organizations have invested time and effort in launching a self-serve business intelligence initiative, only to find that the initiative has failed to deliver the anticipated results. When this happens, organizations often struggle to understand why and how things went wrong. There are numerous reasons for a self-serve BI tool initiative to fail or to fall short of expectations. In this article, we will discuss some of the factors that affect the success of business intelligence solution implementation. This article is the first in a two article series, entitled ‘Guarantee Business Intelligence Success’, related to the success and failure of self-serve BI Initiatives. ###Details >

BI Tools: Integrate, Embed and SUCCEED!

330x260xsystem-connection There is one thing I know about people and that is that they like things to be simple and easy. If your favorite shopping area is a mile from your house, you won’t drive an extra five miles to get to that great store on the outskirts of town. You might drop by if you happen to be in the neighborhood, but the business owner can’t count on your business on an ongoing basis.
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Four Success Factors for CMS Projects


If you have been working in a small or large organization for any length of time, you are no doubt familiar with Content Management Systems (CMS), and their value. CMS brings people and tasks together for information sharing and collaboration, and it is an important part of the environment. It increases productivity and improves the quality of decisions.

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ElegantJ BI Announces Real Time Cube Capability for Swift Decision-making


ElegantJ BI announces Real Time Cube Management for its BI tools. In addition to its existing MOLAP architecture, and connection with MDX data sources like Microsoft® SSAS and SAP® BW cubes, ElegantJ BI now offers real time cubes to derive data for deep dive analytics in real time and make swift, confident decisions to benefit the enterprise.

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Case Study: Performance Management, Benchmarking Product Development & Maintenance

Elegant MicroWeb created a solution for a performance management and benchmarking consulting business to provide a data-secured, web-based Performance Monitoring, Improvement and Analysis solution with performance optimization tools designed around the principles of knowledge and activity-based management.
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