Case Study: Re-Engineering and Azure Cloud Migration for Idea Mgt Solution

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Elegant MicroWeb helped a UK-based consulting and software company redesign tools to promote innovation in idea management by providing easy-to-use tools to share new ideas, rank and rate, brainstorm, debate and facilitate communication by providing in-depth reengineering services, and Cloud migration to Microsoft Azure with a seamless transition of data and application functionality and features, multilingual support, robust application security, and reduced hosting and management costs.
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BI Users Want Data Governance NOT Data Anarchy:Open the Playground

Most of us have long since outgrown the school playground but let's revisit the old neighborhood for a moment, shall we? Imagine that you are a small child and you want to explore all that the playground has to offer. You want to try the swings, the teeter-totter, the swinging bars, the slide - you want to try it all. It is the job of the teachers and parents to keep you safe and, to allow you access to only those parts of the playground that are age appropriate and suitable for your skills.
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The quintessential Quality Assurance

Been to a meeting recently where in the testing process was being demonstrated. Out of sheer curiosity, I popped a question of what defines success or failure in their system… and the answer became a 15 minute long Q&A sessions rather than being an quality assurance process. My view is that quality assurance is a matter of ascertaining the overall stability and security of a system This can be achieved simply by listing out all your function points and measuring the success in binary as ‘0’ & ‘1’.
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Case Study: Fabric Yarn Manufacturer Achieves Business Intelligence, Data Integration & Analysis Goals

A large India-based synthetic fabric manufacturer asked ElegantJ BI to provide business intelligence solutions and services to create a scalable, comprehensive business intelligence tool and support confident decision-making and data analysis. The business improved financial analysis related to cash flow, debtors and aging, and to analyze vendors, pricing trends and procurement, and achieved integrated data for analysis and reporting, in a uniform, multidimensional information architecture that accommodates disparate data sources.
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Case Study: Interactive Salesforce1 Platform iWatch Integration

Elegant MicroWeb worked closely with this global CPQ, Contract Management, product company to deliver iWatch integration with the Salesforce1 platform integration and features that were suitable for interactive use on the iWatch screen. The project was completed within three weeks, and included technical feasibility, user experience (Ux) design, architecture, development and testing. The swift, successful completion of this project allowed the business to retain a technical and competitive advantage in its market.
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White Paper : Operational Business Intelligence

Operational Business Intelligence is not the same as strategic business intelligence and planning. To provide timely, accurate operational intelligence for accurate business decisions and improved operational efficiency and results, your business must have an accessible, sophisticated BI tool that is suitable for every business user. ###Details >

ElegantJ BI in Gartner Market Guide and Magic Quadrant for BI – 2016

Smart Data Discovery
ElegantJ BI team is glad to announce that ElegantJ BI has been mentioned in Gartner’s Market Guide for Enterprise-Reporting-Based Platforms published just yesterday! Also, ElegantJ BI is mentioned in the list of “Other Modern BI Platform Vendors” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Report – 2016 published earlier this month!
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Spending on Business Intelligence Tools in Saudi Arabia


According to a report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), The BI Tools market in Saudi Arabia is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.4%.

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BI Dashboards: ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’! What a Concept!

BI tools and mobility are not mutually exclusive! Most of today's BI tools vendors claim to support Mobile BI. But when you actually look at the tools, you find that development, publishing, usage scenarios, usability, and effectiveness, fall far short of comprehensive mobility support. Dashboards designed by most of the BI tools do not allow intuitive navigation or access on all types of devices and screen sizes.
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Successfully Leveraging BI Tools. What BI Professionals Say is Important


Survey Participants were asked to rate items relative to how their organization found certain factors to be importance in achieving success in BI efforts.

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