Value Proposition of Business Intelligence for Small and Medium Enterprises

An SME enterprise should not discount the importance of Business Intelligence (BI). In today’s competitive business market, managers, executives and business users cannot afford to guess at results, issues, opportunities or planning and forecasting. ###Details >

Case Study: UK-Based Co. Gets Integrated, Personalized Fulfillment Services for Merchants

A UK-based well known logistics fulfillment and redemption business asked Elegant MicroWeb to assist in the development of a high-performance platform for off-the-shelf services to accommodate merchants and create a personalized fulfillment and redemption portal. With this solution, Elegant MicroWeb ensured swift delivery of quality products and services to merchants and end users.
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Genesys of Magento

Magento has emerged as one of the Internet's leading ecommerce solutions, and perhaps the greatest reason for this is the massive community that is constantly documenting new tricks and writing extensions.Yes, it's originally an open source CMS for specifically e-commerce websites (Though owned by eBay Inc. now as a company). Written in PHP, it houses the MYSQL/MariaDB relational database management system & partial Zend Framework (an Open source, object oriented web application framework in PHP5). Magento uses conventions of OOP/Object Oriented Programming & a well-known Model-View Controller architecture. Additionally it uses Entity-Attribute-Value model in order to store data.
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White Paper - Business Intelligence Tool vs. Reporting Tool

Reporting software only provides one component of the total enterprise requirement for integrated information, analysis and reporting. Your business must weigh its need for analysis and timely results against the benefits of a reporting package that requires and analyst or IT expert to develop custom reports. Self-serve, mobile BI tools provide the information business users need to make critical decisions and take decisive action at the touch of a finger from multiple data source, multiple applications! ###Details >

Case Study: Elegant MicroWeb Supports U.S. Social Dieting Business with Expert QA and Testing

A U.S. based business promotes the concept of 'social dieting' through online games. Games are targeted to users who participate for about four weeks, betting money for a virtual pot and hoping to win through friendly competition. With the help of Elegant MicroWeb quality assurance and testing methodologies, this company created a stable, high-performance mobile app and website with seamless rollout of new features and upgrades.
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Combine Technology-Based Auditing Tools with BI Tools to Achieve Swift, Accurate Results

Whether internal or external, professional auditors have a profound responsibility to, and impact on, an organization. Auditing is required in every organization to ensure industry and governmental compliance and to assure management that policies and procedures are followed. While an auditor may be seen by some as a necessary evil, the truth is that auditors add value to every organization by providing objective metric and measurement using accepted methodologies, techniques and systems. Audits allow the enterprise to mitigate risk and govern the organization.
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Visualization CAN Replace Need for Ad-Hoc Analysis– Myth#3

myth summary1.1Debunking Common Business Intelligence Myths

Myth # 3: Business Users Do Not Need Ad-Hoc Data Analysis

If your business is confused about the tools in the business intelligence market, you are not alone. There are lot of options in the market today, which is great for the enterprise and its users, but the confusion that this marketplace creates can be daunting when it comes to making a decision about which solution is right for your organization and your business users. If your business has a self-serve business intelligence initiative, the confusion can be even more discouraging. How do you choose a tool that will live up to the hype and your expectations?

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Genesys of Drupal


Open Source… PHP… CMS Framework… & it’s Drupal!! Did I hear USP with a question mark? Well, it has a highly sophisticated API for the developers yet fundamental website installation and administrative chores of framework do not require any programming skills.

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When it Comes to Mobile Apps, You Can't Dictate User Devices

When it Comes to Mobile Apps, You Can't Dictate User Devices
I always try to stay ahead of the technology curve but I am the first one to admit that, in this rapidly changing world, I need help from the experts. Things are changing very fast. My business users and customers need simple, mobile, device-independent technology and they expect every application, website, software product and interaction to be seamless, intuitive and interesting. They don’t want to be told what device to use to access information or complete a task. The technology market changes every day with the release of new mobile devices, upgraded smart phone models, and new mobile platforms. ###Details >

White Paper - Business Intelligence Tools for Middle Management

To achieve the organizational vision, the enterprise must understand the interrelationship of business components and select a BI tool that is flexible, easy to personalize and easily accessible to middle managers, no matter their role or where they reside in the company. ###Details >
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