Augmented Analytics with Smart Data Visualization!

Smart Data Visualization Works for All Business Users!
Smart Data Visualization and Augmented Analytics Makes Users Smarter! Why is smart data visualization important? Consider how difficult it would be to put together a jigsaw puzzle if you were blindfolded. You might have access to all the pieces, but you could not truly see the picture unless you were able to visualize the outcome.
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Business Intelligence Tools Are Suitable for Business Users!

Business Intelligence and Analytics Need Not Be Complicated!
Data Analysis is Easier than Ever Today! Business intelligence and analytics is not just for data scientists or IT professionals anymore. If your business is going to be successful, it must compete and it must solve problems, find opportunities and plan with accuracy. There is no time for a misstep in the market!
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Data Discovery, Data Visualization: You Can Have it All!

Augmented Analytics Software: Frustration Free!
Self-Service Data Prep and Advanced Analytics for Business Users! Are your business users trying their best to leverage advanced analytics tools, only to find that the software solution requires them to be an expert in data science? Do your users have to ask IT to professional analysts for data preparation assistance in order to ensure that they can access, prepare and use the data they need to analyze.
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Engage a Custom Software Development Company!

App Development and Custom Software Development!
Software Product Development and App Development Services To Achieve Your Goals! Every business has an IT team (or at least one IT pro on premises). If you are a start-up, your IT pro may have other tasks to perform and if you are a small or medium sized business, your IT team is probably overwhelmed with your growing need for hardware, network, support, reports, database management, and other tasks.
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Business Intelligence Software for All Users!

BI Reporting and BI Analytics Improve Business Intelligence!
Understanding Business Intelligence Will Help You Achieve Your Goals! What is business intelligence? It is quite simple, really. Business intelligence is ‘intelligence’ about ‘business’. Having said that, we cannot really presume that ‘intelligence’ is simply data. Data on its own tells us little and can, at times, actually confuse the very issue you are trying to understand. In order to get to the heart of the business intelligence definition it is useful to consider that the word ‘intelligence’ as defined in the dictionary as ‘the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills’.
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Take Tally to Mobile with Tally Mobile App!

Tally Mobile App: Tally in Android, Tally for iOS!
Tally Mobile App Brings All the Power of Tally ERP to Smart Phones! Today’s businesses depend on mobile solutions to make the most of resources, improve software ROI and productivity and keep business users informed while they are on the road, so they can make informed decisions and positively impact the bottom line. The Tally® ERP solution is a desktop application that is used by many businesses to manage accounting tasks and other financial related tasks.
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Advanced Analytics for Business Users? That’s Right!

Augmented Analytics is as Easy as 1-2-3!
Data Discovery and Data Exploration to Advance the Organization! Data discovery is not data management. If one is to make the right decisions in business, one must engage in data exploration and data profiling. In other words, one must gather, prepare and analyze data to truly understand how the business is working, what must change, what activities and tasks support the goals of the business, and what the business should anticipate in the future in terms of revenue, risk, resources, financial investment, growth, products, location and all other aspects of business.
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IT Staff Augmentation for Your Business Needs!

IT Staff Augmentation Services Make all the Difference!
IT Staff Augmentation Offers Temporary (or Long-Term) Help Now and Later! If you have been in business a long time, you might remember the popularity of the ‘temp’; a person who came in to add resources when you had a big project or to fill in for an employee on vacation. If you are unfamiliar with IT staff augmentation, you might think of it as temp services for IT projects, or you might find that you have a need for ongoing IT staff augmentation services that will provide support for software development projects, maintenance and support, requirements planning, mobile app development, integration, configuration and growth across the enterprise, analytics or any one of a number of other types of one-time or ongoing support needs.
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Self Service Business Intelligence For Your Team!

Enjoy the Benefits of Self Service BI!
Self Service Business Intelligence For Your Team! There are many benefits to self-service business intelligence and business analytics. Many (in fact most) enterprises are going to a self service BI environment that will increase the value of each team member by providing them with easy-to-use BI tools that they can leverage to make decisions, to understanding issues, to share data and plan for the future and to find business opportunities.
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Software Product Development is a Piece of Cake!

hoose a Software Product Development Company
Software Product Development Can Be Seamless with Expert Assistance! The most common mistake a business makes when it contemplates creating a software product for the market is choosing a partner that has never created a product for market. Trust me when I say that software application development and software product development are NOT the same thing. While some of the required skills and expertise are the same, there are numerous crucial differences and if a business does not acknowledge and accommodate these differences, its product and project is likely to fail.
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