Self-Service Data Prep: A Tool for All Business Users!

Can Self-Serve Data Prep Make My Business More Productive?Why Do I Need Self-Serve Data Preparation?

Why would your business need Self-Serve Data Preparation? Perhaps you have a team that includes IT professionals that can prepare data for analysis or maybe you have a business analyst or a data scientist to serve that need. But, there are plenty of good reasons to consider data preparation tools that are easy enough for every team member to use.

Exactly what is self-service data preparation? It’s simple, really. Self Service Data Preparation is a solution and tool that allows business users with average skills and no data science background to use Augmented Data Preparation. Users can gather data from disparate data sources and prepare that data using self-serve ETL (for data extraction, transformation and loading) to cleanse and reduce data and take other actions with guidance to walk them through each step so they end up with data that is pristine and ready for analysis. And by using an augmented analytics solution, they can easily complete the process and gain insight into data – all without the assistance of an IT pro or data scientist.

By following these simple steps, business users can gather, prepare and analyze data on their own and make decisions that are data-driven and fact-based. Your enterprise can improve user adoption of analytical tools, improve the quality and accuracy of decisions and optimize the time and resources of your expert IT and data science or business analyst team as well as the time and knowledge of your business users.

If you want to give your business users advanced analytics tools that are easy to use, Contact Us to see how Self-Serve Data Prep can simplify and streamline your analytics and business user workflow.

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Consider Software Re-Engineering to Protect Your Investment!

Software Reengineering is Key to Business Viability!An ERP Software Re-Engineering Project Will Save Your Technology Investment!

When a business invests in software and applications, it invests time and money and training. It comes to depend on the software and solutions and its team members become familiar with the ebb and flow of information and the resulting business processes and workflow that grows up around these solutions.

Whether your Software Development  is done in-house, outsourced or a mixture of both, you probably have legacy systems, best-of-breed, and targeted ERP software systems to address everything from HR to finance, accounting, distribution, purchasing, marketing, customer support and every other aspect of your business and teams.

But, there is one overarching problem that every business faces. Almost as soon as it implements and deploys its software, technology changes and, over a very short period of time, the business can outgrow the solution or change in customer-facing systems or software integration and mobile applications can begin to create silos or to result in loss of user confidence and data accuracy and reach.

A review of systems and solutions and a plan for ERP Software Reengineering can help the enterprise to address user experience (Ux) issues, performance, access and security, and ease-of-use without scrapping application and software. A software reengineering project can ensure that the business is able to leverage its investments and its training initiatives while upgrading its technologies to better serve its team and its partners, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Explore your opportunities for Software Re-Engineering and our Case Studies for Software Reengineering projects completed for other businesses.


Get Answers to Your Questions About Digital Transformation!

Digital Transformation Does Not Have To Be A Mystery!Do You Have Questions About Digital Transformation? We Have Answers!

If you’ve heard the Digital Transformation buzz, you probably have a lot of questions. Let’s dive into some of those questions and see if we can clear up the confusion!

•  What exactly IS Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation occurs when an organization successfully exploits digital technologies, its processes, its core capabilities and its enterprise culture to create a rich digital business model that will advance the interests and success of the business. When considered in a broader sense, beyond the walls of the enterprise, digital transformation integrates digital technology into society, cultures and all aspects of consumer and social life. When you engage in a digital transformation strategy, you must take the time to analyze your needs and the situation within your organization as it exists today – in other words, what cultural changes will you need to make to establish a good foundation for Digital Transformation? You want to be sure that your technology, your processes and your culture can support this initiative and that you are prepared to make the incremental changes to get you to a place where Digital Transformation is alive and well within your enterprise. This type of change does not happen overnight and it does not happen without an honest assessment of your current situation.

•  Should I consider a Digital Transformation initiative for my business?

The answer to this question is a resounding, YES! As you read this, your competition is scouring technology research, reading digital transformation articles, integrating marketing strategies across social media, refining its customer targeting and taking other steps that will improve their competitive advantage. If you and your team are not able to keep up, your business (whether local or global) will lose market share and customer confidence. While Digital Transformation may not seem relevant to your product or service strategy, it most definitely IS relevant! When every team member within the organization has the tools and technology to streamline and optimize processes and leverage analytics and automation to improve communication, collaboration and information clarity, your team can function at a higher level. When your team members understand and are confident using data, and data literacy improves within the organization, your value to your customers and stakeholders is improved.

•  What benefits can I get from Digital Transformation and is it worth the effort?

Digital Transformation success stories don’t happen on their own but with the right focus and planning, yours can be one of those success stories! Digital Transformation technologies improve workflow and processes and, by taking much of the manual effort out of these processes, your productivity will improve. The use of tools, analytics and technologies can allow your team members to use their business acumen and knowledge to find and analyze data and adopt tools that will make them more valuable. Your customers will benefit from improved focus and, as your team sees the big picture and the details, you can optimize resources and investment, and improve your bottom line.

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Modern BI & Mobile BI for Business Users!

Modern BI and Data Literacy Go Hand in Hand!
Mobile BI and Personalized Dashboards: Important Components of Modern BI! If your team is using business intelligence (and it should be), you may be working with a more restrictive business solution that is not designed for a business user. If that is the case, you are missing an opportunity to cascade analytics throughout the organization and to optimize your resources and improve productivity. Self-Serve Business Intelligence solutions are designed with guidance and recommendations to guide a business user with average skills through the process of preparing and analyzing data and to encourage collaboration and data sharing across the enterprise. ###Details >

Machine Learning = Easy Predictive Analytics!

Leverage Machine Learning for Forecasts and Predictions!
Business Users Get Instant Help with Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics! Here’s some good news! If you want to predict or forecast results for your business, you don’t need to be a data scientist, a statistician, a business analyst, or a rocket scientist! Today, augmented analytics solutions provide all the help a business user will need to gather data, prepare it for analysis and then choose the right algorithm or analytical technique to analyze the data and get clear, easy-to-understand results. ###Details >

Consider Augmented Analytics to Jumpstart Your Dx Initiative!

Dx and Augmented Analytics: A Dynamic Combination!
Integrate Augmented Analytics as a Foundation for Digital Transformation! Digital Transformation (Dx) is achieved when an organization plans and exploits digital technologies, workflow and processes, and its core capabilities and skills with an enterprise culture that evolves and shifts to engender a digital business model that advances business. Any Dx plan must include a review and appropriate modification of businesses processes, business models, operations, team collaboration and customer relationships. ###Details >

BI Tools Your IT Team AND Your Users Will Love!

BI Tools: Easy for Business Users, Easy for IT to Administer!
A Business Intelligence Solution for Business Users and IT Staff Will Love! There are many reasons for a business to consider a self-serve business intelligence solution for business users. If properly deployed, BI tools improve productivity, accuracy and speed of decisions and competitive advantage – among other things. ###Details >

Research Studies Reveal Shortcomings in Many Data Literacy Projects: Don’t Let This Happen to You!

Research Studies Reveal Shortcomings in Many Data Literacy Projects: Don’t Let This Happen to You!
Data Literacy is a hot topic in business today. As businesses struggle to remain competitive and to do more with less, every enterprise is looking for a way to optimize resources, and to get the most out of every team member. To do that, the business management team must leverage the knowledge and skills of each team member as those skills relate to their role and their responsibilities. Businesses must use team member knowledge gleaned from experience and education and merge that knowledge with data and analytics to make context-based, data-driven decisions.
###Details >

Consider Application Modernization & Software ReEngineering!

The Support You Need: Software and Technology Spring Cleaning!
Imagine a New Software and Technology Environment and Then Go Get It! It’s time to do some Spring cleaning! Your business has probably had its existing software environment for a while and it may or may not satisfy the new requirements of your business users, consumers and stakeholders! Application modernization services can be a valuable asset in reviewing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your current infrastructure, software and technology environment and in creating a plan and a roadmap to get you where you need to go in a dependable, affordable, timely manner. ###Details >