This tool is developed by Software Application Developer, Elegant MicroWeb for an Internet Community Solutions provider in the UK. The concept behind this application is to enable a cohesive online ‘learning environment’ through finding a way to link classroom training to a broader learning experience that begins- before and lasts long after- the course is over. Learning communities provide a platform to people to share their experiences, stories and best practices with others. Besides, they lead to very significant reductions in training delivery costs while enhancing and accelerating the learning process and making it an enjoyable experience.

The application developed by Software Application Developer, Elegant MicroWeb creates online learning environment for a complete online eLearning experience. It’s really about learning communities and about creating a learning organisation. This product helps to plan and create module for students and these students can register and learn through web. eLearning Tools provides online registration to the course, discussion forum and chat for each course to get online guidance and instruction by the instructor. The product has moderation and administration modules to manage enrolment and assignment of the course and students, course configuration, and online chat session configurations.

Tools and Platforms

Internet Information Server 5.0, MS-SQL Server, Active Server Pages


  • User friendly interface.
  • Define modules and bind instructor with modules. Admin can assign/remove module or user.
  • Students can enroll to module(s).
  • Students can view schedule and perform chat or discussion on subject.
  • MIS Reports for administration – like “Student wise course detail”.
  • Enabling guest access to the sample courses with limited functionality.