Don’t Be Like My Friend! Be Smart, and Choose a Simple, Intuitive, Mobile eCommerce Solution!

I met a friend at a retailer conference recently. He was complaining about the ineffective eCommerce solution his company had chosen. "It doesn't translate well into the mobile environment," he said. "The whole process of browsing products, choosing colors, sizes and options, and ordering is convoluted. We lose potential

The Provocative Possibilities of Combining Business Intelligence and Social Media

The popularity of social media is a topic that is often discussed around conference room tables in small, medium and large businesses. Every manager and business executive understands that they have to leverage social media to market to prospects, and to keep customers engaged, yet these same managers and executives find it difficult to objectively measure the success of these

How To Guarantee GREAT Offshore Outsourcing Services!

offshore-outsourcing-services (2)
After all these years, Offshore Outsourcing Services are still misunderstood. Some still think that these services are expensive, or that they are less dependable or skilled, than internal IT services. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only caveat is that businesses MUST carefully develop

Java Will Perk Up Your Business and Customers Faster Than a Caffeine Fix!

Every consumer and business employee uses the internet, and whether the task is related to product or service purchases, entertainment, or information sharing or collaboration, every internet user has seen the logo for Java on a site or in a window for a version upgrade.Java is an object–oriented programming language with a built–in

Is Internet Marketing a Luxury or a Necessity?

Does anyone remember what business was like before the advent of the internet? If you are under the age of forty, you probably answered ‘no’ to that question. The internet has changed business in more ways than I can list. Today, there is no way to avoid the integration of internet marketing with your