Saudi Arabia Client Implements ERP, Human Capital and Inventory Management and Business Intelligence Solutions

Saudi Arabia Client Implements ERP, Human Capital and Inventory Management and Business Intelligence Solutions
Comprehensive ERP development was crucial to the client business and to simplifying what had become a cumbersome business management process. The Elegant MicroWeb team provided world-class support at every step in the process and developed the required modules to manage inventory and organize and manage human resource related activities. The Elegant MicroWeb team also implemented a reporting and analysis solution using the ElegantJ BI product suite to enable business users to easily design and use custom reports so the business would function more smoothly and users could handle these tasks on their own without the assistance of IT, developers or data scientists, thereby improving data

Microsoft .Net Development – Software as a Service (SaaS) Migration of an Online Survey & Response Analysis Tool

Microsoft .Net Development consultants at Elegant MicroWeb have redesigned and restructured the Consultation Management System for a leading, UK based Internet Community, Consultation and eDemocracy solution provider using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to ensure maximum reusability of existing code and scalability required for the future. An integrated suite of consultation tools was derived that incorporated easy–to–use survey layouts and user friendly wizards, thus allowing user to create powerful, attractive surveys and questionnaires in minimum time.

Java Programming – Online Store Building and Shopping Cart Tool

Java Programming experts at Elegant MicroWeb have developed an online store-building and shopping cart tool for a renowned provider of IT solutions in the USA. This tool helps users create their own online store and sell products online. It provides and off-the-shelf experience to users to help them configure their product catalogue, theme and layouts, and choose shipping services and payment services such as PayPal and WorldPay. In addition, the tool contains an administration panel to provide users flexibility to configure the store and perform product catalogue management.

Java Programming – Project Management and Social Networking Portal Reengineering

Java Programming expertise is provided to reengineer a collaborative and networking portal for an IT solution provider in USA. It has been furnished with a set of tools to easily capture, store and deliver important information to facilitate document sharing among project teams for collaborative project work in an online environment. This web portal allows users to copy and share all types of documents, in all formats such as WORD and EXCEL, including images.

Java Application Development – Mortgage Application

Product and Pricing Administration interfaces with key component of Product and Pricing engine that enables clients to dynamically price mortgage loan applications in real time as well as manage all of the variables that control program eligibility and price.This application is a classic three–tier web application designed and developed by Java Application Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb. It works with a browser as the client talking to middle tier that sits on the application server that in turn talks to the final tier at the database. The middle tier is implemented

Software Product Development Services to Design Customer Loyalty Measurement Tool

Software Product Development specialist, Elegant MicroWeb designed the Customer Loyalty Tool for a leading, UK based Internet Community, Consultation and eDemocracy solution provider. A web based widget was designed to ask customers a single, powerful question with responses rated on a scale from 0 to 10. Responses received would then be analyzed to enhance and improve products or bring about improvements within the organization.