Software Re-Engineering and Ux Improvement for ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Suite

ElegantJ BI, an innovative Business Intelligence product, needed to improve the user experience (Ux) and architecture. This Ux improvement was necessary to make the interface adaptable and responsive to the growing number of device screen resolutions and sizes. With the growing importance of data visualization and user interactivity in the business intelligence market, these changes were imperative to sustain and improve a competitive market advantage. ###

Software Product Reengineering Services Provided for Web based Application in Flex & Java frameworks

Java developers from India provided software product reengineering services for USA based IT solution provider

Java Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb provided expertise for software reengineering, support and maintenance services for a client based in USA.

The client is a renowned global IT solution provider with expertise in providing software products and software development services to large corporate in USA. It provides high-end, multi-dimensional, constraint-driven scheduling, planning, and forecasting software solutions based on Java technology. These solutions are serving the requirements for a variety of verticals like aerospace, banking, defense, insurance and government.

Java Spring and Hibernate based Apartment Management Application


Java Application Development services are provided for the design and development of Spring Java and Hibernate based Apartment Management Application for a client in Saudi Arabia.

The client is well-known software service provider engaged in offering tailor-made software solutions for various verticals including hotels and apartments in Saudi Arabia. The software can be customised according to customer requirements and fully automates apartment management system in respect of guest bookings, front desk, billing transactions and PoS.

Software Application Development and Java Programming Services Provided to Develop Centralized Management System

Software application development company in India developed Java based centralized management system
Java Programming experts at Elegant MicroWeb provided Java Application Development services to develop the Centralized Management System. The purpose of this Centralized Management System is to facilitate the administrator to manage, upgrade and manipulate multiple Network Devices from a single point, using a very user friendly graphical interface. It implements multithreading to control more than one device in parallel.

Developed File Conversion System in Java – Software Application Developers

Software application developers in India developed the Java based file conversion system
The Java Application Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb developed the File Conversion system to define and apply version changes for different files on the Network Boxes. Administrator can define version wise file structures and map the changes from version to version. Once the relationship is defined, administrator can apply version changes to network boxes in real time.

Java Programming – Online Store Building and Shopping Cart Tool

Java Programming experts at Elegant MicroWeb have developed an online store-building and shopping cart tool for a renowned provider of IT solutions in the USA. This tool helps users create their own online store and sell products online. It provides and off-the-shelf experience to users to help them configure their product catalogue, theme and layouts, and choose shipping services and payment services such as PayPal and WorldPay. In addition, the tool contains an administration panel to provide users flexibility to configure the store and perform product catalogue management.

Java Application Development – Interactive Video Tutor Portal Development

Java Application Development specialist, Elegant MicroWeb developed an Interactive Video Tutor portal for a client based in Singapore. An interactive portal with admin and registered user interfaces was developed using the Java/J2EE platform. The portal with its audio visual capabilities provides a perfect medium for the students to schedule their learning online. Users can upload and/or view Presentations and Audio/Video files of lectures categorized under different subjects.