Dot Net developers, Elegant MicroWeb provided Software Development services to develop the Financial and Accounting System in Japanese language. This system is a multiuser window-based financial management application developed for Japanese users and includes all the features of Basic Accounting. In this Financial Accounting and Management System, various accounts can be created which are specified under different Account groups. Transactions are carried out on these accounts. The system provides a feature of online posting of vouchers, which can only be done by an authorised user. It even provides extensive analysis for data based on budget, BEP and ABC. Accounting pro also generates complex reports on pre-printed stationary and annual report for company. Moreover, the customisation option helps in boosting efficiency and accuracy. As this Financial Management Application is easy to learn, configure and use, anyone having the basic knowledge of accounts can use it conveniently.

Tools and Platforms

  • Microsoft Visual basic6.0 & Microsoft Visual C++ Integration Development Environment, Microsoft Access


  • Company / branch creation
  • Cash Book
  • Deposit Book
  • Accounts payable book / receivable book
  • Ledger / Journal Entry Book / Trial Balance
  • Accounts for B/S, P&L, Mfg. Cost & Fixed Assets
  • Payment Collection
  • Receipt sheet
  • Fixed asset ledger with depreciation
  • Search
  • Hotkey implementation
  • Expense book
  • Daily Trial Balance
  • Consumption of Tax
  • Cross slip / Receipt slip / Disbursement slip
  • Auxiliary Headings (sub accounts) Trial Balance
  • New data creation and balance transfer
  • Payment configuration & schedule
  • Receipt configuration & schedule
  • House hold expense calculation
  • Printing function
  • Application level parameters like Backup / Restore, Password settings etc