Mobile Application Developer, Elegant MicroWeb provided customisation and enhancement of a mobile application for a shopping deals store for one of its clients in Australia.

The client is a leading provider of shopping deals. It desired a mobile application to allow users to choose deals according to the selected location and also track the location of user while he’s shopping.

The application developed for Android and iOSdevices was already available, but it needed enhancements and customisation. It allows users to find deals of the day and redeem those deals. There are different ways to search deals like search by current geo location, search by entered location, search by latest deals. Users can give rating to the deal and mark as favourite. For searching deals, Mobile Application Developer, Elegant MicroWeb has used Search engine API (Apache-Solr 3.0 Server) which gives fast and region wise results. The administrator manages users, deals, and business and prepares analysis report.

The mobile application is customised for Android and iOS devices.

Tools and Platforms

  • Server Application:
    • Front end: CakePHP
    • Back-end: MySQL
    • API: Apache Solr 3.0 Server
  • Mobile Application:
    • Android 1.5 or later
    • iPhone 4.3 or later


  • Customisation of mobile application on iphone and android platforms
  • Integration of Search Engine API- Apache Solr

Technical Competencies

  • CakePHP development
  • MySQL database design
  • jQuery/JavaScript
  • Apache Solr API integration