As Android Developers, Elegant MicroWeb designed a tablet based Android application of Raffle draw for one of the clients of UAE.

The application is developed for an electronics retail chain in Dubai. After buying the product from any of the online client outlets, the customer registration for raffle draw is carried out using this app. After the verification of registered details in real time with ERP database, the valid ones are accepted for raffle draw. Consequently, the customer receives a confirmation mail or SMS about his registration and awarded coupons.

Elegant MicroWeb, one of the expert Android Developers, designed the admin interface of this Android application. Its desktop browser-based and all system admin activities are developed to include features like login, forgot password, list/search of new registration on the basis of period or status etc. The randomizer of the Android Application determines the winner on the basis of the raffle entries registered for a specific time slot. The app is bi-lingual, available in both English and Arabic languages.

Tools and Platforms

  • Platform : Android framework


  • Post-purchase Registration from retail locations using tablet based Android application
  • Online verification of user registration information with ERP data
  • Admin interface to manage raffle draw and declare winner based on randomiser function
  • Bilingual user-interface – English and Arabic

Technical Competency

  • Android SDK 4.0
  • J2ME
  • Optimized for 7’’ tablet size
  • PHP server application
  • Integration with in-house ERP system
  • Multilingual user interface on tablet applications