A CMS-driven dynamic website is developed by Joomla developer, Elegant MicroWeb for peer-to-peer help network for Bipolar Disorder community for a client in US. The purpose is to spread awareness on Bipolar disorder and help out people suffering from this ailment.

Joomla Website Development services are provided to develop the portal. Joomla’s easy-to-use graphical interface helps users create, edit, update and publish the content on website easily and frequently. The website is developed with new layout, Blogs, Forums, RSS Feeds, Donation section and other useful features in keeping with the client’s requirements.

Tools and Platforms

Content Management System: Linux, PHP, MySQL, Joomla Framework 1.5.x


  • Content management through administrator interface
  • User Registration and User Management
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • RSS Feed
  • News Management
  • Resources Management e.g. PDF, Document etc
  • Invite Friends
  • Image gallery and Slide show
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Helpful links
  • Payment Gateway integration with Paypal Donation

Website uses the following Joomla components

  • Joomla Global News to publish and maintain news
  • Joomla CCBoard for Forums
  • Joomla D-Mark Recommend Friend to invite and send a link to friends
  • Joomla IDOBlog for Blogs
  • Joomla News and Feed for RSS Feeds
  • JoomlaJotLoader for resource management
  • Joomla Simple Flash Gallery for Gallery and Slide show
  • Joomla inbuilt components like User Management & Registration, Contact, Article, Section, Category & Menu

Technical Competency