Yellow Pages Application based on Blackberry framework is developed for a client in Indonesia.

The client required to develop the application to simplify the search of Indians living in Indonesia. This application allows the users to search people through various search criteria including their first name, last name, business and community.

Administrator can manage users and yellow page data from web based administration interface, and users can login and search for yellow page directory from their blackberry devices. User can view the contact details with location map of the searched person.

Elegant MicroWeb developed the cloud based server side application by using XML based web services to exchange the data with blackberry application.

Tools and Platforms

  • Platform: Blackberry JDE framework


  • Search people through first name, last name, business and community
  • Integration with XML based web services
  • Development of server side application
  • User and data administration from web based interface
  • Configuration of server side application on cloud server
  • Integration with Google Map API

Technical Competency

  • Blackberry JDE v1.3 plug in
  • RIM based Java
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • XML based web services
  • Google Map API Integration