The portal and tools are developed by Software Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb for an Internet Community Solutions provider in the UK. The tools and the contents are designed by experts in such a way that a typical implementation for a client can be a carried out in less than a week’s time. All the tools can either work independently or as a full community portal. It is ideal for communities of Interest or Practice.

It has a very unique involvement device, Hall of Fame, which creates interaction around celebrity, excellence, fame and fortune. Moreover, the admin section is very simple; thus, even the ‘non-techies’ can easily change and manage the community, keeping it always vibrant, dynamic and interesting!

Tools and Platforms

MS- SQL Server, MS- ACCESS, Visual Interdev (ASP), JDK 2.0, Java Servlet, JRUN

Top Features

  • Behaviour and look ‘n’ feel of the tools can be controlled by comprehensive administration parameters.
  • Web-based administration for configuration, parameters, maintenance and approval activities.
  • Web-based content management and moderation tools. Moderators can approve, moderate and maintain contents for all tools. It can be carried out online in real time for tools like Room chat moderation or Guest Speaker chat.
  • Very flexible and generalized policy implementation for all tools. This policy module controls access rights for visitors, members and respective owners of different tools and moderators.
  • Active content technology, which enables any content of any tool to be pasted on any page of the site or any other site. For example, content for a poll can be pasted on any page within your site or any other site.
  • Very comprehensive user and usage statistics.

Other Main Tools

  • Registration / Membership management
  • Poll
  • Contact Centre for members with Who is Online and buddy list
  • Many-to-Many Room Chat
  • Discussion Boards
  • Clubs
  • One-to-One Chat
  • Celebrity Chat (Guest Speaker Chat)