iPhone Application Development services are provided for developing DLNA based Content Streaming Application for a client in USA. An application is created to transfer diverse media content from one device to another. The transfer is performed via the Digital Live Network Alliance (DLNA) protocol. Users transfer different Images, Audio and Video files to various DLNA certified devices such as PlayStation III (PS3), Xbox360, SONY Bravia, SAMSUNG LED TVs, XBMC and other DLNA Compatible Media Players.

The application uses UpNp (Universal Plug and Play Libraries) in DLNA wrapper. The content streaming application makes an iPhone DLNA compatible, transforming it into a Media server for DLNA devices whereby it can detect other DLNA devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The iPhone server can then be used to stream audio, mp3 and .m4a formats. In this process, the application works as a media server and other devices act as media renderers. After the iPhone Application Development services were provided to the client, the users could simply select the content from the list and stream it through other device(s).

The application has the ability to convert incompatible video formats such as .mov to .mp4 format through transcoding server. File transcoding of videos with higher resolution is performed in most efficient manner for faster response rate.

Tools and Platforms

  • Platform: iPhone framework


  • Makes iPhone DLNA compatible
  • iPhone acts as a content server
  • Streaming of selected media on iPhone to other DLNA devices in the network
  • Transcodes incompatible video file formats to .mp4 format and streams them
  • Streams .m4a format files
  • Compatible with Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 SONY Bravia, SAMSUNG LED TVs, XBMC and other DLNA Compatible Media Players

Technical Competency

  • iPhone Application Development
  • Objective C
  • DLNA
  • UpNp
  • C++
  • On the fly transcoding
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