Liferay themes and portal designed for German petroleum distributor

Liferay Themes Design services are provided for a corporate portal for one of the prominent petroleum distributors based in Germany by Liferay developers, Elegant MicroWeb.

The portal implementation includes Liferay themes and layout development, news, articles and banners modules using Liferay CMS and front-end technologies like jQuery.

Elegant MicroWeb has provided Liferay Themes Design services services to facilitate the website to provide details on various petrol stations including their location on map, working hours, day-to-day fuel prices and services available at petro station. It supports language interfaces in both English and German.

Tools and Platforms

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Portal / CMS Framework: Liferay v6.0.5
  • Technologies / Libraries: jQuery, Velocity


  • Content pages like Home, Petro station details, Articles
  • Banner / News rotator and articles
  • Themes and Layouts
  • Content Search within the website
  • Locate petro stations on map

Technical Competencies

  • Design and development of website
  • Website Layout / theme design and development using Liferay plug-in SDK
  • Content configuration using Liferay CMS portlets and features
  • Content structures and templates development using Velocity scripts
  • JQuery components for website interactivity
  • Liferay out-of-box portlets integration and customization
  • Liferay Themes Design