Android Development services are provided for developing a Customer Loyalty App for one of the clients in Spain. Information about various products and services offered by the commercial, business, hospitality and entertainment locations situated near the user’s current location are displayed with the help of location map. The customers rate the products or services offered by businesses and mark their favorite businesses. The registered business houses have accessibility to reviews and contact customers who have marked their business as favorite. The application also facilitates the user to add friends to their friends list, add various products and services to favorites and share the comments and ratings given on products and services on various social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. It also provides alerts and notifications for new point of interests (POI) added to the system. Elegant MicroWeb, one of the experienced Android Development experts has integrated Foursquare API to display various locations situated near user’s current location.

Tools and Platforms

  • Platform: Android framework
  • Foursquare API


  • Displays information on POIs based on current geo-location of users
  • Displays list of products and services offered by businesses around current location of user
  • Comments and Ratings for various POIs
  • Create and Manage friends list
  • Share with your friends where you are and how you like it
  • Integration with Foursquare API

Technical Competency

  • Android Development SDK 4.0
  • J2ME
  • Four Square API Integration