Software Product Development specialist, Elegant MicroWeb designed the Customer Loyalty Tool for a leading, UK based Internet Community, Consultation and eDemocracy solution provider. A web based widget was designed to ask customers a single, powerful question with responses rated on a scale from 0 to 10. Responses received would then be analyzed to enhance and improve products or bring about improvements within the organization.

Developed by dot net developers at Elegant MicroWeb, the tool is easy to configure, easy to promote among stakeholders so as to elicit prompt response, making it simpler to analyze customer loyalty over a period of time, thus tracking progress and satisfaction levels. Personalized e-mails along with a unique URL can be sent to selected respondents requesting their participation. Users can then respond without the need to register, making the entire process convenient and less cumbersome. Additionally, the unique URL makes promotion over different web channels quite easy whereas email promotions encourage participation.

Traditional customer satisfaction surveys can have low response and be unreliable because such surveys are mostly long and demand a lot of time and attention. Unsatisfied customers are also unlikely to respond, leading to sample bias. Results are often not actionable or easily understood. A better, more powerful way to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty is to ask one honest question to which invited participants can respond by simply clicking the box. The process becomes convenient, time-saving and would almost guarantee generating the desired response.

Based on a detailed analysis of the requirements, a widget was designed that had the capability to:

  • Create a loyalty question with an attractive, personalized layout
  • Select respondents to be invited
  • Send personalized e-mails requesting participation, with unique URL to track responses of participants
  • Allow participants to respond using a rating scale
  • Send Thank You message to responders
  • Allow organization to track responses and re-mail to non-responders
  • Perform response analysis
  • Categorize responses
  • Calculate Net Advocacy Number (1 to 10 as mentioned below)
  • Export individual’s details to groups so as to conduct further consultations, surveys and dialogues using other tools
  • Record details of the whole process so that organizations can report and manage
  • Most importantly, measure customer loyalty index over a period of time to track improvement or degradation

The simple yet elegant tool – that is easy to purchase, configure and use – has enabled the client to provide customers with a powerful medium for assessing customer loyalty and analyzing responses to enhance and improve products or bring about improvements within the organization.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front-end : ASP.NET 2.0
  • Back-end: SQL
  • Application Server: IIS 6
  • Platform : Windows

Main Features

  • Administration
  • User Management
  • Create a Question
  • Import respondents
  • Categorize responses
  • Measure Customer Loyalty
  • Publish and Generate Reports
  • Categorize respondents based on response (Advocates, Passive, Detractors) for other surveys, consultations and dialogue
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