Mobile Phone Survey and Analysis Application is a user friendly analytical and survey floating tool for chain of shops. Application sends survey forms using email to customer’s mobile phone according to steps defined for floating a particular survey. Responses received from these surveys are analysed using user friendly and informative reports. The application provides analyses in the form of Customer Basic survey analysis, Customer degree of satisfaction survey analysis, Customer Cross analysis, RFM analysis, RFM Cross analysis, Decyl analysis and Correlation analysis. It also provides summary reports for responses received. Results of analyses facilitate managers to take decisions for increasing bottom line and hence profit.

The application provides the facility to configure the questions of survey as well as the flow of survey execution. On successful completion of the survey form, customers will be given a discount coupon. The application provides powerful analyses of responses data with user friendly and attractive layout. It also provides very attractive graphs with animation in Flash. In addition, it generates various summary reports based on the customers’ responses. It facilitates the managers to define the benchmark. They can later review real data and compare it with the benchmark. This facility of comparing actual with ideal helps in knowing the variance between expected responses and actual responses which in turn will help managers take strategic decisions to escalate sales and profit.

The application also covers a little bit of Customer Relationship Management and sends e-mails/gift coupons to customers on important occasions like birthday. Top management can use Summary reports, which provide drill-down and drill-up facilities. These summary reports also provide information regarding various ratios. Furthermore, the application facilitates administrator to define various settings for this system and manage data.

Tools and Platforms

  • Miracle Linux- Asianux, Oracle 10g Application server, Oracle 10g Database server, Java Server Pages