Software product integration and development from India for online demographic and geographic data profiling analysis tool

Software Product Development specialist, Elegant MicroWeb developed the Online Demographic Data Profiling application for one of the topmost data providers in the UK. They have the demographic data of over 44 million records. The challenge is to present the customers with very easy-to-use ‘Criteria Selection’ interface, and present them the total records matching their criteria (counts) as fast as possible.

Tools and Platforms

MS- SQL Server, MS- ACCESS, Freedom Intelligence database caching technology, JSP, JDK 2.0, Java servlet, JRUN, ElegantJ Beans, ElegantJ PDF Library


  • Registration for customers with administrator approval.
  • Configuration of various database lists and making the connectivity to the database parameters for a list.
  • Very easy-to-use Java applet interface for ‘Criteria Selection’. Multilevel tree is presented for Area, Postcode and demographic parameters selection. ElegantJ Data aware Tree Beans is used to display these selection trees. Based on the selection, the applet dynamically generates query and queries the Freedom database to get the counts. Customer can save multiple criteria.
  • Customer can break up criteria and view break ups in HTML and CSV format.
  • Customer can place the order based on the criteria selected and saved. Based on the price and many other parameters, Order Form is generated. This order form can be previewed or downloaded in PDF format also. Dynamic PDF document generation is achieved using ElegantJ PDF library.
  • Order processing involves the whole process including Order Placement, Order negotiation and confirmation, Order under Production, Order dispatched and Order Complete status.
  • It also includes Account Manager interface, where Account Managers can view the order, maintain status and retrieve the reports using web-based interface.
  • Furthermore, web-based administration module with all configuration parameters and maintenance activities is included.
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