Microsoft.Net Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb developed Arms & Ammunition Management Application based on Microsoft.Net Development framework for one of the clients based in Singapore.

The client desired to have a user friendly application that would manage the issues as well as return of various Arms and Ammunitions process.

The working of the Arms & Ammunition Management Application that is developed by software application development expert, Elegant Micro Web functions as follows:

  • The Application issues the arms and ammunition to the respective employees as per their assigned shifts. The employees return the arms and ammunition to the inventory on completion of their shifts.
  • The Application ensures that appropriate type of arm is issued to employees as required for performing the duty and the same is returned as stipulated in the safety and inventory management of arms procedures. Apart from this, it handles the approvals of early and late issue/return of arms, returning of arms with any discrepancy, returning of arms on behalf of other employees to whom the arms are issued and issuance of more arms than required from the same inventory category. The Application is designed for accessing voluminous backend database, in addition to manage continuous availability of data and operations at various branches. Customized processes are put into practice, in order to maintain synchronization,back end support and restoration process among several databases that are used at various branches and at the central database Center.Various inventory reports are also generated by the Application such as transaction (issue/return) history report, inventory balance report, late return of inventory report, login history report, and discrepancy in inventory items report.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front-end : Microsoft.Net Development
  • Back End : Microsoft SQL Server 2008


  • Issue and Return of arms from inventory
  • Issue of arms as per the assigned job duties
  • Approval for early and late issue/return of arms
  • Approval for returning of arms with discrepancy
  • Approval for returning of arms on behalf of other employees
  • Approval for issuing more number of arms from the same inventory category
  • Generate various Inventory reports

Technical Competency

  • .Net Programming
  • Microsoft SQL database design
  • Functional and Technical framework
  • Graphical Layouts and Design
  • Customized implementation of data replication and restoration among several SQL server databases