The company is a process optimization service provider involved in offerings related to flow management and assurance, overall plant monitoring and process optimisation in natural resource industries. The company is engaged in mining, oil sands, power generation, chemical management and pulp and paper applications.

Drupal Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb provided Drupal Templates to redesign the Support Forms for the portal for the purpose of allowing 100% accessibility to technical support team. Drupal Developer, Elegant MicroWeb also provided Drupal Development services and developed the alternative support process and custom form component that is integrated with the sharefile.com API to upload the files at the time of ticket request. These files are stored in the folder of respective regions. Response mail is delivered to the customer and followed by subsequent emails sent to region wise technical support team based on defined work flow.

The portal works on Drupal 7.X. framework.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front-end: HTML rendered by Drupal framework
  • CMS Platform: Drupal Development Framework
  • Sharefile.com API integration
  • Back-end: MySQL


  • Support Form designed for company’s technical support team
  • Integration of sharefile.com API to upload files on ticket request
  • Email notifications based on defined workflow

Technical Competency

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