PHP Developers at Elegant MicroWeb provided PHP Development services for an Ecommerce Catalogue Management Website for plastics manufacturing company which includes products, parts and other custom made products displayed on the website for customers to purchase and order conveniently from the web.

The website features the catalogue of different available products with dimensions and displays thus allowing the users to view products before ordering. Paypal payment gateway was integrated with the website for online payment. Customers have the facility to pay from their Paypal account as well as make direct payment for their purchase from the website.

The administration interface for the Catalogue Management Website allows internal users to manage the products, parts, price and custom display.

Tools and Platforms

  • Linux
  • PHP Development
  • My SQL

The features in general included

  • Dynamic list of product categories and subcategories
  • Include products, parts under products and price
  • Manage custom displays and featured products on home page
  • Detail User Management has been provided with all details including their payments and purchases
  • Paypal integration with Express Checkout and Direct Payment (Sale)

The overall process involved following functionalities

A user registers online by filling up a simple registration form after successful login. Registered users can search and view products from different categories and purchase online by paying through a secure payment gateway.