PHP Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb has developed an e-commerce portal for Tea and Coffee manufacturers for a client based in Singapore.

The portal comprises individual Admin and User interfaces and allows users to choose from different coffee and tea brands available for purchase. The Administrator manages content such as news, events, videos, contacts, members, products, order placements and order fulfillment and can undertake email marketing campaigns by broadcasting messages to individuals or groups using the portal.

PHP Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb provided the services for the development of the portal. Users who wish to access the portal and make purchases need to register before they can avail all facilities of the portal. Registered users can browse through and view information regarding companies, their evolution, interesting coffee facts, process of preparing coffee beans, various available brands, promotions, events, videos, television commercials and news. They can also view specific details such as the sweetness, strength and milkiness of different brands and then place as well as view their order items. Online purchases can be made by selecting a product from product catalogue and filling the order form. Once an order is placed, the order confirmation form is automatically generated with a unique reference number, contact and delivery details. This makes it easy and convenient for users to track status of their order if required.

Main Features

  • CMS driven dynamic pages
  • Online purchase of Coffee and Tea brands
  • Integration of Product, Product category, Sub category and Catalogue management
  • Taste Ratings Management for each tea and coffee brand
  • Ability to undertake Mass Email marketing campaigns
  • Uploading Video and Television Commercials
  • Website sharing with Social Networking site

Tools and Platforms

  • Front end : Core PHP
  • Back end : MySQL

Technical Competencies

  • Core PHP Development
  • MySQL
  • jQuery /Javascript