Software application developers in India developed the Java based file conversion system

The Java Application Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb developed the File Conversion system to define and apply version changes for different files on the Network Boxes. Administrator can define version wise file structures and map the changes from version to version. Once the relationship is defined, administrator can apply version changes to network boxes in real time.

Tools and Platforms

Java Development Kit 1.2, MySQL


Definition and relationship between structures

In this module, administrator can define version wise structures for different files on Network Box. Once the definition is in place, administrator can apply relationship between two structures. The difference between old and new structures can be defined with criteria such as ‘added’, ‘removed’, ’truncate’, ‘expand’ and ‘no change’.

Real time implementation of new structure on Box

Administrator can specify file and From version – To version for the upgrade process. Application will automatically communicate with Network Boxes and convert files to new version without any loss or corruption of data.