Dot Net based software application development with UI and UX design services provided for graphical SQL query designer

Microsoft.Net Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb provided Software Development services for designing and developing a Graphical SQL Query Designer. The application provides Interactive Graphics User Interface to design Select SQL query statements against MS SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 8/8i/9i databases. This SQL query designer was developed with industry standard component framework to provide integration with other applications.

The client wanted Software Development Company, Elegant MicroWeb to develop a user-friendly, auto-installation wizard containing all necessary software as well as a set of drivers that could be offered to customers as a CD.

Based on client requirements, dot net developers, Elegant MicroWeb developed a CD installation wizard based on Microsoft .Net Development platform. The Wizard provides a step-by-step guide for users and ensures successful installation of a printer. All related drivers are provided during the installation process and compatibility with various Operating Systems and versions has been taken care of. As a final step, the printer is calibrated. The wizard also provides the option of a demonstration video that explains how to install the printer using the Installation Wizard.

Tools and Platforms

MS SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 8/8i/9I, Microsoft Visual C++ Integration Development Environment


  • Connectivity to database (MS SQL Server or Oracle).
  • Provides list of database tables, from which user can select table(s) to design query.
  • Provides UI to create JOIN (INNER, LEFT OUTER or RIGHT OUTER).
  • Provides Input Assistant to input data easily.
  • Provides rich user interface to provide where, group by, order by and having criteria
  • Creates Select SQL as per MS SQL Server and Oracle based on tables, fields and the criteria
    specified by user.
  • Parsing of the Select SQL to reflect it back to User Interface.
  • Shows the result preview.
  • Provides Serialisation functionality.