The Internet Access Scheduler is developed for a Broadband Internet access equipment provider in the USA. The purpose of this system is to facilitate time-based Internet access to Property Customers.

Tools and Platforms

Java Development Kit 1.2, MySQL


Reservation Module

Reservation module is a browser-based application developed in Java to make and manage reservations for broadband Internet access from any room in the premises. User can check the availability of connectivity for a particular room for a particular date and time. If there is availability, user can book Internet access for that customer in his/her room at the requested time.

Availability and statistics about the reservations are displayed graphically. It also includes administration feature to define the access control and other system parameters like bill server network addresses. Emphasis is given on a very easy-to-use intuitive Graphical User Interface, which any front office clerk can use conveniently. In addition, Java Charts, calendar and schedule management components are incorporated in this system.

Real-Time Scheduler

This is a real-time Internet Access scheduler which interacts with the database and communicates with network box. It scans the reservations entered by Reservation Module from the database, and opens as well as closes the ports and connections automatically according to the schedules made. Thus, it enables automatic connection and disconnection for a room, based on the reservation information entered.

After serving the schedule for a customer, it also communicates with 1 to 5 different Billing Servers and carbon copy servers for sending billing information. It communicates with servers and network box using XML via HTTP implementation over TCP/IP. It also involves XML Parser usage.