iPhone Programming expert, Elegant MicroWeb provided iPhone Application Development services for developing a Chat Application for one of the clients in Singapore.

The application is designed for convenient online chatting among users and allows users to exchange text messages with other users through centrally hosted chat server. They can also send SMS and emails to other users and add them to their chat list. For added convenience, the application displays a list of online users. Users can make friend lists and select from the list for chatting.

The built-in handwriting recognition feature permits users to write messages directly on phone’s white board by using their fingers and send these to other users while chatting. Users also get to use various emoticons and smileys. The application allows users to upload files, images from camera or photo gallery and videos. User location is detected with the use of GPS coordinates.

Tools and Platforms

  • Platform: iPhone application development framework


  • Mobile chat application
  • Send SMS and emails to other users
  • Detects user’s location through GPS
  • Whiteboard with use of Handwriting recognition to write messages using fingers
  • Upload videos and images
  • Add friends and view friends list
  • Use emoticons and smileys
  • Integration with chat server

Technical Competency

  • iPhone application development
  • iPhone
  • Objective C
  • Cocoa