Joomla Website Development service is provided for an intranet portal for one of the clients in India. The corporate portal acts as an interactive platform for the employees throughout the organization. Enriched with features such as Blog posting, Discussion forums, online chat which would seamlessly ease the flow of information and interaction across organization; the site has immensely appealing look and feel.

After providing Joomla Website Development services to the client, the users could view the information and files as per their access rights; Portal has stringent access rights as per the user role. Owners of folder, gallery can give permissions for visitors to view or comment. Administrator provides permission for Blog posting. Individual blog owners can then provide rights to other users for comment on blogs.

Bloggers can create their own audience space by permitting selective users. One can garner opinions and make announcements through Poll/Forum and Event sharing or Task management tool.

Other than the features mentioned above, the portal supports ADS integration providing variety of network services, access to other applications like OWA client, BPM portal, BI and windows file explorer.

Tools and Platforms


  • Defining content templates
  • Dynamic Content Templates
  • Content management through Joomla CMS Framework
  • Manage and publish blogs
  • Discussion Forums
  • Online chat facility
  • Resource Access as per user roles
  • Stringent access rights
  • Management of Documents
  • Folder access as per roles
  • User can post comments
  • Access to OWA client, BPM portal, BI, windows file explorer and various other applications through ADS Integration providing variety of network services

Technical Competencies