A social networking portal is reengineered and enhanced with Wind Energy conservation theme, for a company based in USA by Joomla Developer, Elegant MicroWeb. The portal provides an encouraging platform for knowledge seekers and industry peers to collaborate and network with wind engineers, developers, companies, and investors etc. to know the advances in the expansion of wind energy. The members can actively post discussions, blogs, create communities, post comments and access videos, resources, references, latest news and events information. The portal integrates Moodle Platform that assists users in creating effective online courses. With components like RSS Factory, user can view the latest RSS feed updates imported on the portal from various website sources. The portal is compatible with browsers like IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. It integrates Google analytics code in Joomla for all content pages. Joomla Developer, Elegant MicroWeb has leveraged the Joomla CMS platform to build a robust application.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front End: HTML rendered by Joomla framework
  • CMS Platform: Joomla Framework
  • Back End: MySQL


  • Content pages like Home, About Us, Contact us etc.
  • Create communities, view members and search for groups
  • Content management through Joomla CMS
  • Access to Latest News, videos, newsletters and other resources
  • Connect to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter
  • Advertisements and Job searches in Wind Energy Sector
  • Subscribe to the Community blog
  • Directory access for classified search
  • User can create forums, connect and expand their network
  • Access to RSS Feeds with recent updates

Technical Competency

  • Joomla Website Development and Design
  • Joomla Template Design and Customization
  • Joomla Modules Customization and Development
  • Sh404SEF – SEF component
  • Moodle Platform Integration