Joomla Website Development services are provided to develop a Document Management Intranet Portal for one of the client based in Saudi Arabia. The client required an intranet portal which would act as an interactive platform for managing documents and files with fine grain access control. Portal is also having Blogs and Discussions forums for interaction among the employees on their intranet, and is having look nā€™ feel and branding that meets their corporate branding guidelines. The portal designed and developed by Elegant MicroWeb, a Joomla Website Developer acts as a centralized repository for various documents and files. User can view a variety of information and documents as per their access rights. Portal has stern access rights as per the user role. The documents are stored directly as files or in folders. Administrator assigns full access rights to a specific user by creating an owner user. The owner can manage (add/update/delete) the documents and provides rights to view and post comments on blog posts and discussion forums. Other users can perform add, update and delete operations as per the individual access rights assigned to them by the administrator.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front End: HTML rendered by Joomla framework
  • CMS Platform: Joomla Framework 1.5.9
  • Back End: MySQL


  • Content Pages – Home, Blogs, Discussion Forums and Gallery
  • Dynamic Content Templates
  • Manage and Publish Blogs
  • Discussion Forums
  • Resource Access as per user roles
  • Documents Management
  • Folder access as per roles
  • Manage Image Gallery

Technical Competency

  • Joomla Website Development and Design
  • Joomla Template Design and Customization
  • Joomla Modules Customization and Development