License Key Server (LKS) is a web-based extension of the License Key Generator (LKG). The server is used as a centralised key management system with network boxes being able to download, install and verify the License Keys over the network on their own. It uses COM object derived from LKG code for encryption, decryption and generation of License Keys.

Tools and Platforms

Microsoft VC++, MS- SQL Server, Visual Interdev (ASP)


Network & XML

Network boxes initiate LKS commands through HTTP on various events such as First time boot, upgrade, verification over certain time, etc. LKS takes charge of transferring key to the product. The automated product – server communication is achieved through XML commands.

Web-based User Interface

  • License Key Generator has IP-based Access Control for its users. The administrator through web-based interface can manage access control policy.
  • Administrator can define new models for new network box models introduced by the company and can also update existing models in the system.
  • Administrator can add or update product features associated with a model, and license key is generated based on the features activated or deactivated for each model.
  • The License Key Generator contains Evaluation model template and invalidation model template to generate Keys on fly.
  • System provides comprehensive reporting for list of license keys, status of network device and its license key, and key configuration history of a network device.
  • System generates automatic email alert to technical support department in the event of any discrepancy of communication with a network device or any errors.