Microsoft .net Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb developed a Material management system to provide inventory visibility throughout inbound, receiving, order processing, storage and shipping. Dot net developers at Elegant MicroWeb provided the system with modules like inventory management, production management, raw material management, sales management, security management, finished inventory management, quality assurance and system management. This Material Management Software provides the various reports in PDF format.

Tools and Platform

Microsoft .NET/C#, AXIS 1.3, Jakarta Tomcat 5.5, Sybase ASE 12.x


Material Management System gives real-time effect to accounting system and consists of the following modules:

  • System Management:All the basic elements used by the system can be configured from here. It mainly contains carriers, location, departments, document of transportation, freight terms, material types, Stock Keeping Units, materials, units, payment terms, tax rates, QC status, QC level codes, country, state, item & currency types.
  • Security Management: It helps to define application security and employee’s basic information. Administrator can associate access rights with job function and based on employee’s Job Function, employee will have access to functions in system.
  • Sales Management: Sales-related information such as customer profile, sales person, price quote; sales order and product pricing can be managed from here.
  • Quality Assurance: It contains formulation information, test definitions, specification of material for product, QC test log to enter QC results and QC status and certificate of analysis (COA).
  • Raw Material Management: Functions such as storing vendor information, placing purchase order (single and regular), and receipt of material and history of received material.
  • Finished Inventory Management: All the information related to the produced goods is kept in this module. It contains shipping details of items, bill of lading and return finished product from customer information.
  • Inventory: It is used for inventory adjustment to create new lot and container, quantity adjustment to adjust quantity required and quantity available in container, item or location or pick wise inventory, consignment inventory of customer.
  • Production Management: This module provides information related to production planning. It mainly has work order, repack Order and planner to view production schedule.
  • Reports: Each module has several reports with exporting to PDF and emailing facility.