PHP Developer, Elegant MicroWeb has provided services to develop a Mobile Website Compatibility Tester Website for one of the clients in Finland.

User can enter any URL, and site would generate view of the website as it would appear on real handset, in few seconds. The tool also gives rating to the website for mobile compatibility based on important parameters like page load time using 3G and GPRS, page size, images etc, and also generates comprehensive PDF report for the overall assessment.

It provides a lead generation form in the end to generate leads for mobile compatibility services for the client. Various utilities and services are used to achieve objective for the tester tool website.

Website is compatible with mobile phones, tablet devices and desktops.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front-end : PHP
  • Other Technologies : Linux, Java frameworks, and other utilities


  • Simulation of mobile handset device to generate screenshot as it would appear on actual handset
  • Calculate page size of a website URL
  • Calculate download speed of webpage URL in 3G and GPRS internet services
  • Provide website ratings based on important mobile compatibility criteria
  • Generate dynamic PDF reports
  • Compatibility with mobile devices, tablets and desktop browsers

Technical Competency

  • Mobile browser simulation
  • PHP Development
  • Java Programming
  • Linux Services
  • Mobile & Tablet compatible web interface design & development