Network Device Performance Monitoring System based on J2EE Framework is developed for one of the client’s based in Colombia.

The client desired to have a user friendly application that would provide interactive dashboards for monitoring usage of various networking devices.

The administrator user manages the network devices, IPs, users and various formulas of the application. The performance of network devices are analyzed and measured through various formulas. Different devices dump their data into MySQL database, the application accesses the database and renders interactive dashboards for device monitoring and analysis operations.

The application displays network devices usage by using various dashboards, graphs and reports. The data information is displayed by using various graphical formats such as Pie Charts, Bar Charts etc. Various monitoring reports are generated by the application; user can view the reports as per the selection of time period options such as hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. User can also view the reports by selecting specific device type and its IP address.

Tools and Platforms

  • Framework : J2EE framework, Spring MVC, Spring Security, JSF, jqPlot, PrimeFaces, iBATIS, JPA and Maven
  • Back-end : MySQL


  • Gets data from MySQL database for device monitoring and analysis
  • Display of all devices in single dashboard
  • Display of information in graphical format
  • Generate various monitoring reports
  • Filter by selected Time period (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Filter by specific device type and IP address

Technical Competencies

  • J2EE technologies and framework
  • Design and develop enterprise web solution using Spring MVC and Spring Security
  • Development of user interface using PrimeFaces
  • Graphical reports generated using jqPlot charts
  • Database mapping using iBATIS
  • JQuery – AJAX framework