Application developers from India provided software development services for developing network bandwidth monitor tool

Software Application Developer, Elegant MicroWeb provided the software application development services for developing network usage monitoring system. Under this system, UMS collects information usage from different network devices deployed in the field. After collecting the information, it provides reporting and analysis for usage monitoring of this data. It presents these report data and statistics in CSV format so that users can further analyse the data through their spreadsheet applications.

All the network boxes connected to this server transfer their usage information at predefined interval. Performance is an important part of UMS as there is a huge amount of data submitted from various network devices to the centrally located UMS server. This high performance tuned scalable Network Usage Monitoring System effectively manages all the incoming requests to collect data and then provides quick analysis and reporting at fingertips to users.

Tools and Platforms

Visual Interdev (ASP), Microsoft VC++, MS- SQL Server


  • UMS uses RC4 encryption algorithm to decrypt data received from the field through HTTP POST. It uses COM to get encrypted data, decrypt it, parse the data in the dump for the C structures, and prepare record sets for the database operations.
  • Database Server side UMS accepts the record sets from COM and builds SQL queries from record sets. It uses triggers to populate summary information tables.

UMS provides the following

  • Product Information Report
  • Product wise Revenue Report
  • Product wise Revenue Detail Report
  • Product wise Subscriber Report
  • Product wise Subscriber wise usage Report.