USA based internet gateway manufacturer hired application developers from India for Syslog monitoring & analysis software development

Software Application Developer, Elegant MicroWeb has developed Network Syslog Server and Analysis System for a Broadband Internet access equipment provider company in the USA. It collects, interprets and stores log information generated by Network Boxes on the field. It also provides centralised web-based reporting and analysis via browsers to the users.

The Network Syslog Server and Analysis System component resides on server and receives syslogs from network boxes in the field. After receiving message in UDP format, it parses that message and inserts it into the database for further analysis by Web application. Performance is an important part of this system. It effectively processes a huge number of records per second without any data loss. Moreover, this system deals with a large amount of log data generated by various boxes in the field yet ensuring optimum performance and speed. The users can specify comprehensive criteria and search this large syslog database for analysis and reporting through browser-based interface.

Tools and Platforms

Internet Information Server 5.0, MySQL, Active Server Pages, VC++ for server side components